Mar 2

Ok but none of that means she can’t have boundaries. Just because she cultivated a provocative persona doesn’t mean that she can’t have personal struggles that she’d rather not discuss in a public forum.

Mar 1

Nothing makes me want to hurl myself into the sun quite like transphobia disguised as concern for women.

Feb 26

In my 30+ years of being a woman, using women’s bathrooms, I have literally never seen anyone’s genitals. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough?

Feb 19

Trump only called her ugly because he’s a misogynist and that’s the worst thing he can think of to say about a woman.

Feb 19

One of my favorite things is when a Trump supporter being interviewed said he liked some picture of Trump eating KFC because it made him feel like he was just like him, like they had some common ground. Motherfucker was eating KFC with a golden fork and knife on his private jet.

Feb 12

When I started dating my husband, he had a couple of roommates and the one he shared a bathroom with was a woman and I definitely ended up having to steal one of her tampons once, so I can see the point of keeping a multipack around so your uterus-having friends are taken care of in an emergency. But having the whole Read more

Feb 10

Ugh, I have a long-term, enduring, school-girl crush on Pedro Pascal and it’s just not fucking fair that he’s also good people irl and an ally.

Feb 8

I wonder if this is how it feels to have a shitty ex because part of me wants to see the twitter shitshow and part of me is appreciating the mental health benefits of not having to think about him anymore.

Jan 26

If I didn’t live in a different state and that situation came up, I would call my dad like, “drop what you’re doing and get to this Walgreens right the fuck now”, but absent that, just take it. Better in my shitty body than the trash.

Jan 14

I’m still struck by Trump’s whole...thing. He was such a cartoon character to me, this caricature of the philandering businessman who I was vaguely aware of and didn’t really take seriously. I guess there’s really no limit to what a mediocre white man can do with enough unearned confidence.

Jan 12

I think that about elected officials all the time. The dude that yelled at AOC and called her a fucking bitch would have been fired so fast.

Jan 7

They also like Captain America and Homelander, safe to say these chucklefucks do not understand any of these characters or the points their creators were trying to make.

Jan 6

I can’t judge her and the rest of the klan for their plastic surgery too hard because they’re constantly under a microscope and that has to breed some monstrous insecurities. I remember when Kim was pregnant the first time, some tabloid had zoomed in on her armpit fat as a glaring example of what a fucking whale she Read more

Dec 23

Seldom a day passes where I’m not given a reason to be glad I cancelled my Amazon Prime account. Fuck Jeff Bezos.

Dec 17

I was working from home well before the pandemic kicked in and I can honestly say that sanity was much easier when I could go do stuff. I’d go out to eat, go to baseball games, meet up with friends, or I’d just grab my laptop and go work out of a coffee shop near me.

Now I’m just in the same fuckin house all day every Read more

Dec 16

He’ll have to go up against actual billionaires who have all the time and resources in the world to fight this in court.