May 5

That’s interesting. I am curious just because of the exclusivity but it’s probably not that different from other social media networks, except with possibly fewer Russian bots that want to sext me and more Ben Afflecks that want to sext me.

May 5

As a woman this is something I hadn’t previously considered but you’re not wrong. I’ve definitely been in situations where I stopped late at night because I absolutely needed gas and did not feel safe and those 5 to 10 minutes it took to put gas in my car felt like an eternity.

A 30 minute charging time is definitely Read more

May 5

I remember reading about how he was gonna launch his own social network with blackjack and hookers and he was having “high-powered meetings” with important people about it. It would be 100% on brand for his “social network” to just be him, shouting into the void.

May 5

I initially thought celebrities being on dating apps was really weird, like I assumed they’d have their own special app that we common folk couldn’t use. Then I looked up Raya and that is absolutely the case.

If you’re trying to hook up with Ben Affleck so you can awkwardly chat with Jennifer Garner at their kid’s Read more

May 4

Yep, I remember her being heavily demonized during her breakdown and I think there’s a certain subset of millennials who bought into that and are now old enough to know that we were watching someone in the midst of a mental health crisis who needed help, not scorn, and that’s creating some feelings. We were all told Read more

Apr 30

Unfortunately for him he is too influential to a certain subculture of dude to just say shit like that, even if he himself knows he’s a moron.

Apr 20

Obviously, why else would they insist on bringing weapons into the capitol building if not to defend their fellow congresspersons? And I’m sure one of them would helpfully tweet out Nancy Pelosi’s location so she, uh, didn’t get lost.

Apr 19

I have to believe this is part of the reason William married her but she’s fucking perfect for this. It’s like they made her in a lab somewhere. I remember after she had one of her kids, a few hours later she’s outside the hospital, hair done, smile on her face, getting photographed with the baby she just pushed out Read more

Apr 2

COVID is one few things where being an insufferable asshole actually works to your advantage.

Apr 2

I know people who think like this and it blows my mind and is also a little victim blame-y? Like the millions of Americans who got sick from this virus just weren’t living right, not like you. You healthy, special person with your fantastic immune system from living your correct lifestyle.

Mar 16

I watched the hearing, I remember being absolutely shocked by his conduct. He was completely unhinged and came off guilty as fuck.

His behavior should have disqualified him alone, but you gotta get those sweet conservative SC votes I guess.

Mar 12

It’s wild how many old-timey sexist beliefs are centered around the possibility of our organs flying out of our vaginas. Such a specific and frighteningly common concern.

Mar 9

I remember, one million years ago watching an episode of KUWTK where Scott was complaining that Kourtney’s body wasn’t the same after she had kids. He said something about being insanely attracted to her tight body when they met and missing that.

I think his issues are that he’s extremely shallow and that he doesn’t Read more

Mar 2

Ok but none of that means she can’t have boundaries. Just because she cultivated a provocative persona doesn’t mean that she can’t have personal struggles that she’d rather not discuss in a public forum.

Mar 1

Nothing makes me want to hurl myself into the sun quite like transphobia disguised as concern for women.

Feb 26

In my 30+ years of being a woman, using women’s bathrooms, I have literally never seen anyone’s genitals. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough?

Feb 19

Trump only called her ugly because he’s a misogynist and that’s the worst thing he can think of to say about a woman.

Feb 19

One of my favorite things is when a Trump supporter being interviewed said he liked some picture of Trump eating KFC because it made him feel like he was just like him, like they had some common ground. Motherfucker was eating KFC with a golden fork and knife on his private jet.

Feb 12

When I started dating my husband, he had a couple of roommates and the one he shared a bathroom with was a woman and I definitely ended up having to steal one of her tampons once, so I can see the point of keeping a multipack around so your uterus-having friends are taken care of in an emergency. But having the whole Read more

Feb 10

Ugh, I have a long-term, enduring, school-girl crush on Pedro Pascal and it’s just not fucking fair that he’s also good people irl and an ally.