Aug 10

I’m not really concerned about the added power usage. I would like, to know, however, what impact wireless charging has on the wear-and-tear of the battery. Because in my mind, the devices I’ve been charging wireless have lasted much longer than traditionally-charged devices due to not wearing out the charging port.
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Aug 8

Bitch, you broke into another person’s home and fucking shot him. The only thing that’s ‘reasonable’ here is seeing you put under the jail.

Aug 7

Definitely the closest to HZD in my opinion, but I do prefer HZD more personally.

Aug 5

They did, the difference being that when they launched the PS3 in 2006 they still owned the merchandising rights to Spidey. At that point Raimi’s Spider-Man films were as big as comic book movies got, so it made sense to leverage their popularity. They sold those rights back to Marvel in 2011 for a quick injection of Read more

Aug 5

except it pretty much is anti-consumerism since you’re paying the same price for a lesser experience if you don’t have a Sony console. Like maybe if they gave exclusive characters to every version of the game? Maybe people wouldn’t be upset. Read more

Aug 5

I don’t see any reason to view this through a console war lens.  All the players in this industry should be roundly excoriated for anti-consumer behavior like purchased exclusivity.  It amounts to a legal bribe to hamstring your competitors rather than competing with them by offering a better service.  

Aug 5

basically what he’s saying is that Sony gets final say about what video games and platforms Spider-Man can be included in.

Aug 1

Said it before, will say it again. Sidewall=good. The more sidewall, the less of those forces transfer into the car. Yes youll lose some handling, but for a daily driver? More sidewall. 

Jul 31

Sharing internet is a mixed bag. If you are tech savvy and have some simple networking control using something like a Raspberry Pi or other dirt cheap computer you can wall off a seperate IP range/vlan and do QOS and data caps. If this does not make sense when you read it, don’t share.

Jul 31

How many of these lingering issues occur with influenza?  I’m not an anti-masker, not a hoaxer, but I rewteeted an article like this and said “this is why parents are terrified to send their kids to school”.  Someone responded with a link to a peer review study about Myocarditis associated with influenza A.  My point Read more

Jul 30

Any product can have a part that was accidentally made improperly. That’s what warranties are for. But the bizarre damage to a week-old car makes me wonder what REALLY happened here. Anything can be pushed past its breaking point.

Jul 30

Not necessarily a hole - for medical apprentices still in their training residencies, they’re expected to get a license (they have passed medical school) to see patients under supervision, but they’re not expected to be board certified until after they complete their residency. It probably varies state to state, but Read more

Jul 29

And if you do decide to check your status with the website or service, the one rule you should always follow is never use any of the links in the email you receive; open your browser and either enter the URL for the site/service by hand, from a Google search, or use a bookmark you made yourself, and verify that the Read more

Jul 28

Considering that there are conflicting studies, I’m willing to let the science shake out before believing the “dream-sex with witches” doctor.

Jul 27

1600x1440 seems... excessive?  The GBA had a resoltion of 240x160.

Jul 26

Yoooo, Zack. I’ve been thinking about this since your HUD piece, because of that AC1 life bar. These loading screens are one of the few remaining constants in the series that dates back to the original. It really does tie in the actual game play experience with the out-of-simulation story that’s lingering in the Read more

Jul 22

Seems like a lot of people fundamentally don’t understand how much more money the gaming industry is making now vs even 10 years ago. The inflation argument is completely irrelevant now that digital purchases outsell physical copies by a mile PLUS the insane frequency of micro transactions in AAA titles. It’s just old Read more

Jun 12

I think it’s perfectly understandable to want consoles to be cheaper than $600. There are good phones that can be had for far less than what it costs to own a fancy flagship. No one bats an eye at a trendy new $1000 phone because there are options. Lots of options. Read more