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Sunday 10:33PM

All these meager freebies and you have to download an app makes me wonder in what light these companies think their customers will view them. The rewards you get from these stupid apps just isn’t worth it, at all!!!

Friday 7:14PM

Not too mention it is a small. I can remember some of my coworkers going to the 7/11 across the road with huge 96oz mugs and filling them for free. And saying people were filling larger containers, which is why they were gone so long. 

6/04/21 9:54AM

Dude, shhhh!
You’ll wreck the aftermarket if people find out their cars are more capable than they are off the showroom floor!

6/03/21 4:54PM

The last gen T Bird comes to mind...

6/02/21 6:09PM

I think it’s pretty telling that the restaurant has an average of 3 stars on Google maps already with a bulk of those one star reviews coming from 6+ months ago.

6/02/21 2:25PM

Goddammit people, this is literally why we can’t have nice things.

5/27/21 9:35AM

It is a delightful read, almost tangentially about food. I don’t recall now whether it was here or in Gertrude Stein’s “autobiographical” account of life during World War II (I think it was II and not I), but I have always remembered her observation that they “threw nothing, but nothing, away.” I was struck by the Read more

5/26/21 3:50PM

McDonald’s needs to serve more of their international items in the US

5/26/21 11:58AM

This is something an unsupervised child would concoct, or perhaps a divorced father who forgot he has the kids this weekend and hasn’t had a chance to go grocery shopping between AA meetings and trips to the race track.

5/25/21 5:56PM

Yes, but when your peers/betters publicly call you out about your use of the term, and you want to still work with them, you have to make changes. Read more

5/25/21 2:53PM

Should have called the police on him, just like you would any other dine and dasher on a $60 bill.

5/25/21 12:55PM

Very funny and informative. I was a bit disappointed however,  I thought you meant Garth from "Wayne's world".