Space Emporer Biden
Oct 24

Yu posted that less than an hour after Cut4 posted their Tweet. Yu has definitely been thinking about Verlander’s shade that whole time.

Oct 17

Splinter may have been unjustly killed, but class solidarity is still vastly important even when we talk about sports.

Oct 11

As soon as I heard about Joshua Brown’s death, my first thought wasn’t of surprise, but resignation. Of course the main witness in a police murder was killed shortly after the trial and the story was absolutely implausible. Who the fuck drives four hours for a drug deal? Read more

Oct 9

Whole Foods does the same thing with their grocery pickers: just hire more people than there will ever be hours for, and you will never get people to organize because there are too many. And with that many people desperate for hours, no one will ever be full time. Read more

Oct 9

Uber capped hours on their drivers in NYC at 10 hours a day, 60 hours in a week. If they didn’t want people doing this full time, they would put caps on all drivers.