Dec 1 2016

Have you seen Streetspeed717 or Vehicle Virgins? Nobody is repeat watching that garbage.

Nov 29 2016

if I didn’t run around avoiding fines, the guy trying to track me down would be jobless! I’m doing a public service!

Nov 29 2016

Just drill a tiny hole through the windshield under the suction cup and leave the thing by the side of the road (well within the margin of error for a GPS.) Fill hole with windshield kit. Read more

Nov 29 2016

If I was to find one of those things slapped on my windshield, I’d be more than a little bit angry. In my view, it is an abuse of state power. (and yes, I have the same opinion of the so-called “Denver Boot”) Read more

Nov 29 2016

So what? Just carry a drill with you and drill out the electronics first, and the suction cups second. Leave the carcass on the sidewalk as a warning. Read more

Nov 29 2016

Parking illegally doesn’t always mean you’re parking like a dick. Often it’s the parking restrictions which are unreasonable.

Nov 29 2016

No. What you saw in the election and what you’re seeing on Reddit is the pent-up frustration of a group of people who were marginalized by political correctness and shouted down as bigots every time they questioned the reasons for something. They couldn’t criticize Obama without being called a racist. They couldn’t Read more

Nov 29 2016

Gizmodo exercises an iron fist of control to silence and ostracize any comment that doesn’t align with their message. It’s hard to tear apart something that’s barely got integrity in the first place.

Nov 10 2016

Bubble Bobble was godlike. It’s probably the main reason I was addicted to Bust a Move later on.

Nov 10 2016

Donkey Kong above Bubble Bobble? They are both single screen arcade games, but Donkey Kong consisted of 4 stages without much variation. Bubble Bobble has like 100 stages, with various enemy types and a boss battle.

Nov 3 2016

What I really want is a wireless version of this bad boy. I find it so hard to play with a standard NES controller after getting used to this one.