BeaBull Apocalypse
Sep 1 2019

Best explained in 1929 by Grossmann in his work, The Law of Accumulation and Collapse of the Capitalist System, capitalism’s fatal flaw is that, unchecked and unfettered, it will divide wealth in such a way that workers will, eventually, be unable to afford the goods they produce. At that point, the businesses they Read more

Aug 11 2019

I will defend Nine Stories until I’m dead. And Franny and Zoey, the actual book teens should read.

Apr 12 2019

It doesn’t matter because rich white girls will still be able to get abortions so it will only be poor women and women of color who die. And Congress doesn’t care about those mortality rates. 

Mar 25 2019

RatM has some really good songs though. Killing In The Name of DEFINITELY holds up, and is verrrrrry relevant. Also, the thing I dislike about the ‘angsty’ label, is that you’re saying that the anger felt was disingenuous, not real, or not justified. Sure that may be true of some of the fans, but Zach De La Rocha Read more

Mar 7 2019

My history professor called it “the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre.”

Feb 25 2019

And he took his socks off! That’s a deep level of trust from an elderly man.

Feb 23 2019

Damn right, she’s meant to be joint patron saint of Ireland along with St Patrick. She popped eyeballs and pioneered abortion rights and all he did was fiddle about with weeds and pest control some snakes. It's her turn, for sure. 

Feb 22 2019

If only the Patriots had someone who specializes in watching film.....

Feb 15 2019

I tell ya, golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest wastes of prime real estate.

Feb 13 2019

A great collection of good doggos, 13/10 would kinja again

Feb 9 2019

Although Gase is clearly an alum of the “Jeff Fisher School of Failing Upward,” I think 7-9 is waaaaay too optimistic an estimate of the Jets’ next season. I predict 5-11; one mere game better than this past season.

Feb 3 2019

No one knows what it's be the Bat Man, to be the Sand Man...