BeaBull Apocalypse
Jul 11 2019

I would maybe go down the hall and just ask the other quarterback. Or would that be considered trespassing?

Jul 10 2019

There’s no reason to hope for good; any other flavor of shit would still be better. 

May 7 2019

It does seem like he actually is smart and nice. And his policy positions, if any actually exist, are thoroughly underwhelming. Right now he’s well behind Kamala & EW among others for me, but I’ll vote for him in a fucking heartbeat over the Orange Horror

Apr 10 2019

Supertramp was great! You think just any old schlep gets covered by the Goo Goo Dolls?

Mar 7 2019

Your keyboard defaulted to "fuck the other cheek"? I need to go read some of your other articles!

Feb 9 2019

Rich and a simpleton so really tailor made for some good old religious skullfuckery.

Feb 3 2019

I agree. Catcher never did anything for me at all but I loved Franny and Zooey and still go back to some of Nine Stories a few times a year

Jan 19 2019

Serious question from a semi-old (ok, an old): isn’t it easier to just write it all down on a piece of paper that sits in a drawer, and put a copy in your safe deposit box or something? Then you’re exposed just to the people inside your house instead of everyone on the interwebs. I know that means you need a good Read more

Jan 17 2019

His schtick has basically gone from "Oh aren't I the worst?" to "I'm the fucking worst.".

Jan 16 2019

The most surprising thing to me about this article is that I had to look up the definition of a word. The least surprising thing was to learn that I'm contumacious af

Jan 10 2019

I love Ken Jeong though. And totally respect how he gamely gives it his all even in total garbage shows. His own Dr Ken sitcom was written by a team of upside down toddlers with crayons and he still swung for the fences in every scene.