May 21 2017

lol you white people get so principled and by the book about “rights” when it’s a white supremacist because you aren’t the target of their ire. I’m sure you’d be the same way if he belonged to a group where you were the target, right?

Feb 1 2017

Yes, but Reddit is a privately owned operation so they can do whatever the fuck they want, thank god. They are under no obligation to give those shit-munchers a platform. Read more

Feb 1 2017

Blaming everyone but the candidate who didn’t visit Michigan, release her speeches, stand with Standing Rock, and, yes, who lied in her emails about standing with workers against the Columbia Trade Pact while behind the scenes encouraging Senators to support it. Sorry babe. This is all on her. And the people who voted Read more

Jul 4 2016

Given how Israel has stolen their land, allows armed militias of illegal settlers to take pot shots at protesters, and has regularly used banned weapons (white phosphate), as well as super-dense metal-dust bombs, not to mention the completely indiscriminate bombing of Gaza City, the mass murder through bombing of Read more