Feb 1 2017

If she doesn’t own up to the fact that her Republican-lite centrist politics (and those of her husband) drove the DNC into hell (and they are not the only former left-of-center party to do this stupid crap and get fucked over for it - see UK’s Labour and France’s PS for example), this is going to be shit.

Aug 29 2016

Just think, Taylor Swift can write a song about this - and it will be popular... ugh

Aug 12 2016

There are more people in the UK (like 10million+ more) than ROK...

Nov 18 2015

It is worth noting that after Suruç and Ankara, the numbers in Turkey probably shifted to more unfavorable.

Nov 3 2015

Can we get all the idiots going off about the Middle East and how it isn’t safe for women like the US of A from yesterday’s post about a single white American woman traveling in Iran over here? Please?

Oct 28 2015

I call bullshit. $500 for 15min? I don’t know how these prices work but if someone gets profiled at NYMag for doing 2000 an hour, I have to imagine the wastelands of Florida aren’t charging that rate.…

Oct 5 2015

I’m more confused when a grindr hookup or a random tinder date find me on Linkedin and Facebook... then add me. Or, when I see those sites recommend those people to me. I’m not even texting them and why in god’s name would I want to friend either.

Sep 15 2015

It is breathtaking to see racist Americans lecture Europe on how to handle their situations and actions with refugees. Then they harp on about their “freedom of speech” which in of itself has significant limitations but they have bene indoctrinated into believing it is some absolute without rival in the world. Read more

Sep 12 2015

Don’t forget all the civilians in Afghanistan or the civilians in Pakistan or the innocent people in Yemen and so on. Read more

Sep 10 2015

I’m more amazed that for everyone arguing over the semantics of what is a solid/liquid and economics of duty free, the overwhelming amount of responders seem unaware that Heathrow is an airport for London. In the United Kingdom. There is no TSA for him to argue with there.

Sep 4 2015

The desnudas do nothing shitty unless you count WoC doing a profitable hustle in Times Square “shitty” (or more accurately doesn’t conform to your lily white moralizing alongside a good dash of good old racism - going by your celebrating of “free the nipple” - a white led movement). Oh, and the all shitty stuff Read more

Sep 4 2015

Yeah, why couldn’t they be like those good white people from Ohio who instead projectile vomit in Murray Hill during brunch or act like shits in Prospect Park (while thinking their babies should be everywhere including bars at night) or anyone who has ever participated in Santacon or thinks brown and black people are Read more