“If you’d just BRUSH your hair more often it would look good!” Read more

Bradford called Fogle’s pedophilia “mild pedophilia.” Read more

Oh thank God he’s only attracted to 14 yo’s instead of 5 yo’s! Are you kidding me? I know some 14 yo girls, they look like children playing dress-up. They believe too easily, they’re terribly immature. Read more

You were a pedophile before the diet, you fucking idiot. Read more

RE: your PS -she never needed those wigs either so who knows
Read more

I think she will physically be ok but it’s the mental side I am curious about. It’s a tough pill to swallow going from being the “hammer” to the “nail”. I think the tough thing will be A. handling all the media questions and B. Dealing with the change in media attention. Sure she will get a lot initially, however Read more

You got beat up by your shoelaces. Read more

I think it was a fantastic job by the responsible people to prevent mass panic. They had no idea what was waiting outside until the police secured the area, and they had to get a huge amount of people out of the stadium without causing any panic. To wait until the game was over and then to open up the gates to the Read more

I was scared of CE even back when it was basically the only option. Read more

What if your pricing was based on the buyer’s emotions? I price this one at the utterly confused level. This one over here is at I want it but not for that price. And behind you is if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Read more

I’m so sorry. My mum watches Judge Judy. I feel your pain. Read more

Do we have to??? I’d rather be intimate with a chainsaw. Read more

For all the pseudo-lawyers here, it’s actually against the law to withhold you ID from a cop (in some states). There is a lot you don’t have to do, but you at least have to push your ID against a window, otherwise you are now committing a misdemeanor and the situation can and will escalate. Read more

The girl in the office that i have a crush on but it will never happen :( Read more