South of Heaven
Yesterday 1:40PM

Any mention of the term “method acting” is not complete without the famous thing Laurence Olivier said to Dustin Hoffman: “My dear boy, have you tried acting?”

Yesterday 12:22PM

daniel day lewis’ lincoln didn’t seem so bad.

Tuesday 4:20PM

Many people are saying, so we should at least teach the controversy.

Tuesday 7:35AM

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s beyomd frustrating that people like Clapton can be so self-obsessed that they can get in a mindset that just because something isn’t happening to them directly must mean that it’s not a big deal. It brings to mind an article I read in a local paper about the vaccine debate. My son’s Read more

Monday 9:00PM

This sucks. And hurts. My father loved Clapton. Worshiped at his alter of guitar playing to the point of handcrafting his own amp to duplicate the amp Clapton used on the legendary John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers album. Owned multiple Strats, of course. Could play pretty much any Clapton solo note for note.
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Monday 8:48PM

Fuck him anyway. Never felt that “Clapton is God” stuff made sense. He’s good, but in a robot-programmed-for-the-blues kind of way.

Monday 7:46PM

Its so weird when I hear that some guys dont eat out. Like...thats my best fucking move when im with a girl.

Saturday 6:15AM

The erasure of Janet Weiss as “just another drummer” is fucking pathetic.

Saturday 12:27AM

Saying Sleater-Kinney has seen drummers come and go” is a little like saying “Nirvana saw drummers come and go.” Yeah, there were others before, but only one matters, and they were a huge part of the band.

Friday 2:09PM

It’s the G7, there are 9 people up there, and you have comments for 6.  Someone somewhere miscounted.