Today 1:20PM

Once they trot out the show, I bet it has a good run.  

Wednesday 1:10PM

Yeah, but did you see her ass?

Tuesday 3:20PM

thats a sufficient amount of damage. how did ammonyc not do a cleaning and restoration series of this car?

Monday 7:00PM

Help me Floaty one Kenoboat, you’re my only hope.

5/28/21 10:51AM

I’ve got my issues with South Park, but I always did really appreciate how the movie managed to pre-satirize the exact reaction they knew their movie was going to get.

5/28/21 10:48AM

Y’all, I hate to bring it to your attention, but from my limited experiences out in the Real World these past few months, this sort of behavior isn’t limited to just airplanes. Read more

5/28/21 10:41AM

I have a trig. midterm tomorrow and I’m being chased by Guido the killer pimp

5/27/21 9:00AM

This is a car you drive ironically. But I don’t think most hipsters who do things purely for the irony have $13.5k to throw down for irony’s sake.

5/26/21 10:24AM

Really bro? Pollen/dust on the plastic parts of the engine tells you the mileage?

5/25/21 6:12PM

I like the first one. The middle look kinda reminds me too much of a cheap hubcap and the last one looks like a spare tire rim

5/25/21 6:09PM

This is a better combo.  I can bearly contain my excitement!

5/25/21 8:34AM

Agreed. I want to like this, but there’s nothing about an almost 12-year-old, semi-economy car with only 227hp that inspires passion, especially as the price. 

5/25/21 8:04AM

Hell, I like Volvos and this one is in great shape. But just not feeling the love to the tune of $15,000. It’s an anonymous white box. A reluctant No Dice.

5/19/21 9:56PM

Meh, I drive 600 miles each way everyday, both uphill in the snow with a full truck bed. That range wont work for me........therefore all electric cars are garbage.

5/16/21 5:52PM

Ah, but it's hands-free so cannot distract you.  Just ignore the fact that you still interact with it with your hands, and the true issue was not what your hands were doing but where your eyes were focused.

5/10/21 9:34AM

Jalopnik Law 504: Never buy* another man’s project.

*For purposes of this section, the term “buy” shall mean to pay “real money”.

The term “real money” shall be defined as any amount over $1,000.

Notwithstanding the above, this statute shall under no circumstances forbid the buying, as that term is defined in this Read more