Coffee guy was old. Old people are assholes. Read more

"our 10 oz. filet Mignon, cooked "Extra, extra, EXTRA well-done" Read more

I would charge him $30 for being such a dipshit. Read more

My husband and I were negotiating for a car about ten years ago. It took longer than expected and I had to leave for work. After I left, the salesman made an offer, to which my husband said he needed to discuss it with me. The salesman told him to prove he was a man and show me who is boss by making the decision Read more

Yeah I watched the HuffPo interview, and I didn't really like how they chopped Suey off as she was trying to make a point. Read more

My old university had a rule, no students allowed in the opposite gender's dorm after hours or you will be expelled. So obviously, every night when the moon came out, I became a dorm hopping ninja. That night I was sitting in my smokingly fine boyfriend's room, reading a book on his futon (I know, lame). When suddenly Read more

For once? Do we disagree often? Read more

I read that as Nick DENTON doing whiteface, and I got extremely confused. Read more

Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy's gonna grind this guy to dust. Read more

I love that she doesn't have a manicure Read more

Who died and made you queen of the avocados? Read more

So before the inevitable flood of comment about how Chipotle is the McDonalds of Mexican food and the food has no flavor and everyone who professes to like it is a hopeless culinary plebeian, let me just say: Read more

*Pssssht* Clean up in aisle EVERYWHERE Read more

Ironically, the diapers ALSO come with unlimited salad and breadsticks. Read more