Aug 9

She’s very brave. The market could correct her at any point, and the government would have no right to regulate that.
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Aug 8

The better question is why would you vote for a grown ass adult who hasn’t figured out libertarianism is nothing more than a selfish fantasy.

Aug 5

But if they weren’t using their birth names, one could say that they had to change them.

Aug 5

I always thought he needed to go on tour with Johnny Cash and Johnny Paycheck. They were named after money long before the rappers did it.

Aug 1

Yeah, apparently Dottie and Jimmy smooch. It was even filmed but cut from the final film because it denigrated Dottie’s character.  

Aug 1

Wow. You say you aren’t singling the Muslim group out but this entire post is riddled with micro-aggression's right down to commenting on the spiciness of the shits because lolz Muslims eat spices. This is literally a shit situation and I’m sure it was awful but you should really have a think about how you’ve written Read more

Jul 30

To quote a famous philosopher who’s name escapes me, I think he was some kind of talking head; Read more

Jul 26

I wonder if this deal would have happened if it wasn’t for the pandemic. I suspect that, in a situation where filmmaking was stymied by the requirements of distancing, it seemed reasonable to offer Snyder a buttload of money to work in an editing bay and with a bunch of effects houses to create something that they Read more

Jul 24

Ten year HS reunion with my best pals. As I arrive at my friend’s house, the first “casual” get together night, I notice her mom’s neighbor has a racist lawn jockey in their front yard. I am incensed. We proceed to the bar and get all kinds of messed up, having a great time, but still stewing. At about midnight, I Read more

Jul 24

10 year high school reunion out in my boonies hometown. Traveled in from another state. Like 15 people showed up. We all got too drunk and decided to go to the local strip club. Not only were people we graduated with working at the strip club, my high school nemesis and his wife invited me to enjoy a lap dance with Read more

Jul 23

Semi-serious question; are you a masochist and did you post this so people would scream at you. Because that - that is disgusting.