Sorely Vexed
Aug 11

Good to hear they want to walk back the jingoism. So sick of the anthem and flybys and colors and that weird month where all the coaches wear camo like a fucking US Army ad. And yes, there’s a direct correlation to these displays and how cops have become such awful babies.

Aug 11

I am ready to vote today, forget this “Election day is Oct. 20th” nonsense for mail in ballots.  Election day is the day after I get my ballot.  Can’t come soon enough.

Aug 10

One of the critical elements in any non-medicinal healing work is stripping away the ego, which is what prevents most people from delving into the memories and emotions they are trained to keep locked tight in order to conform to civil society. Read more

Aug 10

I’ve been stuck on grey for years (except on AV Club, where my account was grandfathered in from their pre-Kinja days with Disqus). Read more

Aug 9

Awww; good for you! The sweet natured ones are easy to love, but the prickly ones are more of a challenge. I took in an obviously abused border collie/spaniel cross a number of years ago, also a seizuring dog, and she was a trainwreck in terms of temperament. I used to say that I loved her, but I didn’t like her very Read more

Aug 7

PLEASE include either the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or some other relevant resource when posting articles that discuss suicide or self harm. It is genuinely not that hard. It seems that Jezebel has fully committed to not including this information on recent articles addressing suicide. Read more

Aug 6

My place of work has pulled that bullshit of calling us a “family” a couple of times as well. I’m tempted to ask if they mean that more in the Mafia or in the Manson sense of the term.

Aug 1

But close supervision, correction or expulsion of allies keeps the mission from being diverted or polluted. Which is why MLKJr. and men kicked out Bayard Rustin who tried to ally his Communist movement with the Civil Rights Movement. They didn’t need to change hearts, minds and laws about Blacks’ rights AND change the Read more

Jul 31

I just want white people to learn how to survive on their own without white supremacy. I don’t want them to be dependent on racism and government handouts. I want them to learn how to provide for their families and educate them without stealing from Black people.

Jul 30

Because Slick Willy is in the same category as Uncle Joe Biden and Queen Hillary, they continue to get them passes from old black folks because they validated their blackness back in the day, even thought they were problematic AF when you start digging in the crates BUT HEY! Bill play the sax on Arsenio that time, Read more

Jul 30

This new militia? Grabbing protestors from the streets, and shoving them into unmarked vans. This is exactly the end game for which they are preparing, Make no mistake. Secret police are always the first step to facilitate authoritarian regimes.

Jul 30

You are correct. It was marketed as “the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the horse” at the time.

Jul 29

Democrats should not budge on any aspect of the relief package, but the key issue is whether it will include provisions allowing businesses and other entities to escape responsibility if their negligence gets people infected or killed, which McConnell is adamant be included in any package. Dems should not fall for Read more