Sorely Vexed
Yesterday 1:29PM

It’s an important lesson for Ikeria Washington and Layla Temple, that no matter how hard you work, folks will always find a way to elevate white people.

Friday 5:54PM

As with so much of the culture wars, I think it’s less about what the “conservatives” say the fight is about, and more what they seem to be trying to accomplish. From here, it looks like a lot of the CRT battle is about preemptively attacking various definitions of racism and the idea one should feel bad about when it’ Read more

Thursday 5:58PM

And this gets to the more practical application of white supremacy: it keeps the majority (white people) unified in their defense against equality, which keeps them distracted and angry enough to ignore the more powerful white people who are busy fleecing everyone. White supremacy is the backbone of corporate America, Read more

Wednesday 3:15PM

But don’t forget that old Joseph was, by some reports, Mary’s brother and lusted after her when she was as young as 14. Also, God paid him for using Mary with some carpentry nails. [I would gladly participate in internet dialogue talking about the strangeness of the origins of Christianity for hours.]

6/04/21 3:34PM

The people of Georgia have ever been willing to stand by this bargain, this contract; they have never sought to evade any of its obligations; they have never hitherto sought to establish any new government; they have struggled to maintain the ancient right of themselves and the human race through and by that Read more

6/04/21 1:56PM

I remember learning about the cotton gin just fine without having to actually clean cotton myself. 

6/04/21 1:38PM

No matter how blue the state, once you get far enough outside the cities, you are basically in Alabama.

6/03/21 12:22PM

All the gun fire and “yee hawing” from the White side of town.

6/03/21 12:21PM

That’s kinda what I thought, thanks. Bears are big and scary (I’ve encountered many, some of which were killed because people who were being attacked didn’t want to die). Read more

6/03/21 12:12PM

“clueless, hueless and now-swimming pool-less” and “Gentrifier from the block”.... Read more

6/02/21 2:59PM

Your three cats are probably hoping you do. I’m under no illusion that my cat wouldn’t make a few meals of me were I to die alone, but under its watch.

6/01/21 6:22PM

The Miami Beach Police Department had to immediately release Jonathan Lyndale Kirk when his lawyer, Johnny Castle, Esq. swept in, reminded Detective Briscoe that “nobody puts Da Baby on that corner” and promptly walked out, client in hand.