Sorely Vexed
Tuesday 1:37PM

How can the penalty for nearly killing someone be the same as the one for merely having an unsafe load? Doesn’t Ohio have laws regarding reckless endangerment or even negligent property damage? This dipshit nearly killed two people, yet his “punishment” is a new set of straps and a ticket? Read more

Saturday 1:20PM

Abortion is against God’s Law. God wants every child to be born, with the unwanted ones dumped at “Mother & Baby” homes where they can be quietly starved and buried in mass graves. The rest are to be used as playthings for priests. This is the Word of the Lord. Amen.

6/17/21 6:20PM

Never mind that Midsomer has a murder rate that would put the average warzone to shame. I'm amazed it isn't a ghost town.

6/16/21 1:05AM

I'd like to know about Crown Royal rates, because the ads for that take up half my phone screen when I'm trying to read this site.

6/15/21 3:30PM

What often gets glossed over is that her experience is a very Irish one. We’re a similar age and our upbringings were full of the same cloying religiosity and stark hypocrisy that passed for “normal” back then. Read more

6/15/21 1:58PM

National Socialists are to socialism as American Cheese is

6/15/21 1:11PM

Yeah, I’ve always been leftie, but when I hit my fifties and particularly now I’m staring down the barrel of the big 6-0 (fuuuuuck!), I’ve shifted so far I’m half expecting an email from Noam Chomsky saying, “dial it back, dude.” Read more

6/15/21 1:08PM

I think the young are less conservative, but they don’t vote. By the time they do get around to voting, they're middle aged conservatives.

6/15/21 12:39PM

I remember reading an article many years ago that said the Columbo format was a major factor in the show’s huge popularity. Read more

6/12/21 1:51PM

I was ready to think “well, maaaaybe it was a good-faith error because someone didn’t read the rules correctly.
Read more

6/10/21 5:00PM

I believe it’s eating Mountain Dew-dipped Hot Pockets while watching reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show.”

6/09/21 2:29PM

To be fair, he was alluding to the lifetime of a mayfly.

6/09/21 2:10PM

The name Joe is used as shorthand for all sorts of down-home, salt-of-the-earth, real-man, all-American values, but the Biblical Joseph (after whom so many latter-day Joes are named) was that dude who got cucked by God and stuck with raising His brat. Joseph was, to put it bluntly, a credulous sucker. Read more

6/04/21 2:26PM

Same here, after a short period of confusion and, ultimately, disappointment that it didn’t actually turn cotton into gin.

6/03/21 2:30PM

Up until just now, that Microsoft ad with Common “lecturing” about AI (and pronouncing it in a way that made him sound like the fifth Teletubbie) was the dumbest take I’d heard. Read more