Sorcia MacNasty
8:17 AM

I flagged the comment on the article too, as harassment. GG some people need to get a hobby other than being an asshole.

7:09 AM

You could try contacting the help desk; although I don’t know that they usually deal with trolls. They might in this case? The “Need help?” command is on the extreme lower left if you scroll down to the very bottom of the comments screen.

6:38 AM

There’s a troll on the Chrissy Teigen Jezebel post that is super fucking mean. I don’t want to link it here but how do we get it deleted? Read more

3:09 AM

He really was. I was genuinely fond of him as an internet buddy, and I somehow missed the news on twitter (admittedly I don’t twitter much right now). Jesus - I think he was my age, or within just a couple years. This is so sad.

3:02 AM

I feel like he’s owed a much better memorial than my post but I also just felt such an urge to let y’all know & be able to process the news together if anyone wanted or needed to. I’m still stunned. It’s a true testament to Chritter and this wonderful weird place that an online presence can mean so much. He was one of Read more