Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
Mar 24

Probably because so much of what passes for being progressive online is taking ideologically sexy but wildly unrealistic positions and then shitting all over people who don’t match those positions 100%

Dec 27 2019

I didn’t love everything about SW:TROS and I agree it moved at a breakneck pace and certain things could have benefitted from some time to breathe. BUT I do not understand this obsession with thinking that everything has to have a fleshed-out backstory/explanation. Poe was a spice runner, whatever that is. But it was Read more

Dec 11 2019

The galaxy had 10,000 years of relative peace because the Jedi adhered to their principles, the bad happened because of a centuries long plot by the Sith, but I digress. Read more

Dec 11 2019

I can only speak for myself, but what pissed me off in Last Jedi is how my favorite TFA characters, Poe, and instead of fleshing him out, they made him an arrogant fuckhead who gets nearly everyone in the Resistance killed. And to do that they had make Laura Dern act like an idiot, and Finn and new character Rose act Read more

Dec 11 2019

I think the frustration lies with TFA going in one direction and then TLJ going in another. Also, seeing the characters change drastically from one movie to the next when they took place back to back. Not to mention the Canto Bight sequence felt like the prequels, new characters were added, and some of the plot Read more

Dec 11 2019

it doesn’t help that the story was already wrapped up in the original movies.

Dec 9 2019

Do you know why they used a grandchildren of an original Ghostbuster? Because I wouldn’t have felt nearly old enough had they only used his child.

Nov 29 2019

Unemployed? Uh nice try troll. What galls you & the fat fucking piece of shit you likely voted for is that he is worth more than his bloated ass. Oh and even if she did put on some pounds she still looks better than the surgically enhanced whore masquerading as a “First Lady.” You go and Be Best now okay?

Nov 28 2019

I’m not crying you are. The excellence of this family drove America to what we have. Let that sink in.

Nov 28 2019

I have nothing but hatred towards Thurman and his ilk. Black women have enough to worry about without Black men attacking and raping and killing them too. Read more

Nov 27 2019

Fuck that noise. I’m going to be using even MORE confusing deep-dive SW terminology going forward. They can pry my immersion from my cold, dead, disembodied cybernetic hand.

Nov 26 2019

Weird, because I am a man and use exclamation points, rarely use “yes” or “ok”, and have been known to spend upwards of 5 minutes crafting a one-line response e-mail for proper tone. Read more

Nov 25 2019

I wouldn’t go blaming streaming and Netflix for the failure of independent theaters and the struggles even the chains are having. Those problems have been on going for longer than streaming has been a thing. Fuck it was a major topic back when I was in college and Netflix had just launched as the DVD by mail service.

T Read more

Nov 19 2019

Cops aren’t stupid, they just don’t care. It doesn’t matter that it’s a flimsy excuse, no one is going to do anything. If any of those family members had attempted to intervene, the cops would have killed them and no one would have been held accountable. Read more

Nov 19 2019

It’s a fucking hotel parking lot. There are going to be people coming and going and milling about in that space all the fucking time, at all hours of the day or night. There’s nothing “suspicious” about being in a hotel parking lot. Nothing, except, being black in said parking lot.