Someone Else's Projects
Sep 3

Hey, don’t feel bad. I was thinking, “huh, I bet I should watch Skyfall before this” and it took me a few minutes to realize that’s not the last Bond movie to come out...

May 31

SAAB for sure. They were outside the box and would have been awesome electric. Imagine a new version of the 95 not (the 9-5 mind you) with electric power.

May 6

Id like to see him do an Aphra film cause he’d be great writing Triple Zero and BT-1. But damn if I don’t think those three deserve a Disney + series that’s Mandalorian good. 

Jan 31

In case you are wondering how Han survived the crash in F3 (spoiler alert, lol). It was all a trick to decive your eyes. Otherwise known as... Read more

Nov 12

Please reconsider being “outrage[d]” at the made up logic of space wizards fighting with laser swords.

Nov 2

As the owner of an XJ-S V12 I will confirm, worst sounding V-12 in stock form...but once you open them up and add cam/headers they’re beautiful.

Oct 25

They’re only Draculas if they come from the Dracul region of Transylvania, otherwise they’re just sparkling bloodsuckers (hi Edward!).

Feb 2 2018

I wish I could give you more stars for the SoA reference.