Someone Else's Projects
May 6

I can see him as the spiritual successor to Aaron Allston and his mix of rib-cracking humor and deep characterization.

Jan 27

He also wrote Darksaber, as well as getting his hands in the “Tales of” short story anthologies, so he wasn’t just a one-story wonder.

Sep 30 2019

I’d like to swap a Triumph Rocket motorcycle engine into a Saab 96. The 96 originally came with a two-stroke 3-cylinder engine, and when it came time for the later 99 to get an inline 4, it received an engine that was derived from a Triumph design of the time. A poetic best-of-both-worlds convergence.

Sep 25 2019

Among the many great things about the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games is the fact that the Katarns were named Kyle and Morgan. Not even a facile attempt to Star Wars-ify those names.

Aug 13 2019

No word on a corresponding Palpatine Ken doll. Not to be confused with Ken Palpatine, Jedi Prince, that’s still only Legends.