Adam satchwell

I tend to just play in handheld mode while watching TV if I’m honest. I love handheld gaming, I’m finally able to have a triple a experience while lazily watching trash TV and movies Read more

It’s such a good concept, but i don’t have much faith in Nintendo after the reveal. Read more

This. Exactly my thought.

Seriously a fem looking starter pokemon got people in a panty twist. Fucking rediculous. Read more

Wow. Those are some serious perks for monthly sub. i can see why people would be pissed. Read more

Also... Thief level 10 wearing full whm gear.. Read more

im a knight, i have crashed 3 times now Read more

Wow... People get pissy about the stupidest things these days...


I just hope this means they will actually put time into the story. They have lacked a depth since Ezio.. Well, AC3 did an okay job.. Read more

Don’t get your hopes up.. ;) Read more

Can these employees that tweet not report to the big wigs in their company that the big wigs decisions have created a massive backlash of supporters?
I think that’s what the majority of people want..
“Tell the top dogs that they are a bunch of pricks, oh and to support this, I’m not going to buy your products anymore” Read more

I really hope they get the initial pricing right..
As long as its not £40 initially with £20 a pop for the additional episodes then thumbs up.. Read more

If you dont like it, just dont buy into it.

Its the same with MGSV, those micro transaction prices are ridiculous.
But tbh payday is a niche market game thats had a long run for a small community. If they wish to continue making content then this is probably the only way forward.

However they should have spoken to their Read more

Tbh I’m getting tired of seeing all the female characters in every anime / game in skimpy outfits. They are less imaginative in terms of design and is only done to “boost sales” hurray for fan service. Read more

My theory is that was probably added in response to his name being taken off the box. Read more

Why do we, as gamers, stand for this? Read more

Kickstarter should really keep details of the people who set these things up, but if it was a PayPal thing. Can’t you get PayPal top help out? After all its fraud. Read more

I found him in a sandstorm barking. Odd to think how everyone seems to have met him different ways x) Read more

I visited d-dog after every mission :P and now we are a wolf pack on the battlefield! Even gave him a robot eye so he can see again xD Read more