1/26/18 1:52PM

“In His Loving Service” is the worst fucking James Bond movie.

1/25/18 9:57PM

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Fuck Ken Holland. This shit is all on him. I want him fired and lynched.

1/03/18 9:28AM

Not to take anything away from Ovi, but Stamkos had 51 goals in 2009-10 and 60 goals in 2010.

12/07/17 11:47AM

He plays like the only guy in the world who thinks the league is missing Claude Lemieux.

11/30/17 9:53AM

I don’t remember exactly but that one sketch where he was in a little brothers charity and yells TAKE THAT PEYTON! to a kid is pretty hilarious

11/30/17 9:23AM

I may get some shit for this opinion...but I think Eli was very underrated as an SNL host.

11/28/17 10:18AM

They’ve had plenty of offense for years now. It looks like they finally have a goalie that can more than half the shots against and a D that doesn’t give easy chances. Read more

11/21/17 11:01AM

We have to enjoy this time of having an incredibly fun player on a team no one expects anything from because eventually, the Lupica’s of the world are going to start blaming his carefree attitude for the Sixers’ lack of success and calling him Dwight 2.0. This is the honeymoon of Joel Embiid. Let us cherish it for as Read more

11/20/17 1:59PM

Bemoaning injuries to help justify a loss to Arsenal has to be like, the dictionary definition of irony.

11/17/17 9:13AM

Oh, you mean like a dude trying to decapitate Ericsson with a hockey stick and not dropping the gloves at the end of a 8-2 blowout? Yea, the Wings were the dirty team here...