Oct 15

We really need to stop calling them “conservative”. They don’t want to conserve anything. To conserve is to keep things as they currently are. Read more

Sep 17

Even if you can’t “sell it for a profit” can save money on stability.
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Jul 26

It’s inaccurate to say women have voiced men; as you note immediately after, they usually voice boys. Sure, have them voice adult male characters. Read more

Jul 22

I’m glad you mentioned this. I’m so tired of people using militant rhetoric like “the time for talking is over” with nothing to back it up. I’m a pretty non-revolutionary person by nature, so I’m not advocating throwing up the barricades, but I can’t help but be skeptical of people whose rhetoric seems to demand a Read more

Jul 22

It is no longer sustainable to play softball with a state that wants to see large swathes of its population dead, whether that death comes quickly at the hands of the police, or over a matter of months or years through exploitation and deprivation. Read more

Jun 12

The issue I take with you statement is that no-one had to risk going homeless except for our idiotic policies. It was a choice made for us by the top end of government that has zero empathy or ability to understand how normal people live. The fact that anyone thought a one time $1200 payment would do anything is plain Read more

Apr 16

So I’ve been with my boyfriend since 2008, when I was 17 and he was 27 (I may not have been entirely truthful about my age when we started seeing each other).He was my first everything, boyfriend, kiss, etc. I thought we had the perfect relationship for a long time, we seemed like the couple everyone wanted to be. Read more

Apr 14

It doesn’t have to be perishable! Condiments and grains are a great thing to experiment with right now!

Apr 1

More to the point, who wants to spend all that time when you just got fresh, hot pizza in the door?

Mar 2

Due to disability I have an ad-hoc setup somewhat similar to this, facilitated mostly by a hospital bed provided by my local health service (thank you, European healtchare). I don’t dress like a ninja before I use it though.

Feb 28

Same! And if it’s been disbanded we need a restart like yesterday.

Feb 27

As a philly native I...uh...don’t know what’s weird about that combination. It’s also not weird to see homeless people sleeping next to the spot where the Constitution was drafted, so 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

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Feb 27

I’ve always been been fascinated by Philly. Only ever drove through it, but all media potrayals paint it as so bizarre. Like, you go from storied and refined 1776 to Geno’s, It’s Always Sunny, the Iggles, and Gritty.* Read more

Feb 26

Seriously, I would like to be a card-carrying member. Please tell me there are cards.