2/05/21 3:34PM

Also, the big question, is Fox Pietro canon in the MCU now? Will he go on to appear in further movies?

2/05/21 3:27PM

I can tell you I was fucking screaming when I saw quicksilver.

2/04/21 4:57PM

I have succumbed to the fact I will not have a GTX 3070 any time soon (I refuse to pay scalpers). 

2/04/21 12:43PM

On two seperate occasions in the last 5 years I’ve opted for a Uber (slipped disk) and self-drive (cut finger to bone, bleeding like crazy and still managed to get my 3 pedal car to the ER). All because back in my 20s I was hit by a car while I was on my bike and foolishly accepted the ambulance ride to the ER so they Read more

2/04/21 12:10PM

This happened to us. Wife was feeling faint at work, co-worker called an ambulance after wife specifically asked her not to. Ambulance took her to the hospital, she’s just fine and she finally got a hold of a friend to pick her up. Read more

2/02/21 2:50PM

The GMP platform is not to be confused with the GIMP platform, which always comes with a zippered leather interior for easier cleaning.

1/31/21 10:19AM

Marjorie Taylor Greenebowl Massacre and fellow Qnut Lauren Boebert, an actual high school dropout with a record of multiple arrests, might be some of the most dangerously unqualified Republican pieces of shit to ever be elected to Congress. Read more

1/29/21 3:27PM

I saw the Codas new at the 2011 LA Auto Show. Pretty much no one was even walking through their part of the floor to look, but I went over because I knew who they were and was curious. Read more

1/29/21 2:43PM

Here’s a fact almost as boring as this car. It looked identical to a malignant sedan Chevy sold here in Canada in 2004 call the Optra.

1/28/21 5:09PM

Good, let them experience what it is often still like for minorities looking for housing and being discriminated against because of their skin color. 

1/28/21 4:29PM

The Pence’s homelessness most likely has more to do with the fact that no seller/landlord/broker wants to have to deal with the blowback from the left if they sell or lease to the Pences and the possible bombings or shootings that they would have to deal with from the right wing QAGAts.

1/28/21 2:14PM

The complaint accuses Robinhood of failing to execute orders requested by its customers even prior to prohibiting trades on specific stocks, including GameStop ($GME). Read more

1/26/21 10:41AM

This is an easy one, but I’d also accept Studebaker or Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg:

1/26/21 10:38AM

Yeah it has to be Saturn. Scion’s problem was that Toyota already made small, reliable cars, and “the same cars but weird looking” is not really gonna get people to adopt a brand. Saturn was actually a completely different mindset than the rest of GM. Imagine how easily they would have been able to pivot from small, Read more

1/25/21 4:19PM

Let’s be fair. They replaced it with new MUCH MORE unreliable running gear that will be far more difficult and expensive to repair.