Snowqueens Iceramen
Sep 29 2017

People need to get over the word ‘racist’ being some kind of horrible insult. No one is calling you a damn nazi, or hitler’s little bitch, or skinhead or whatever. They’re telling you that you have a personality defect and you should probably work on that.

Sep 28 2017

In fact, people, all people, do not regularly fake crimes- particularly violent ones. Nor do they normally do so in foreign countries, draw in third parties, report them to police, and make multi-million dollar insurance claims. From the beginning, this looked to be a clear and violent crime. Anytime someone says, I’m Read more

Sep 25 2017

Still remember all the people on this site who thought Kim faked the robbery for publicity. :/

Sep 23 2017

Yes I think we all get that, but thousands of people get pregnant across the globe all the time. Why is this the specific pregnancy that makes Lena whine about her friends being triggered? Why not the Duggar girls? Why not those Teen Mom gals who now all seem to have two or three kids? It just seems a chance to throw Read more

Sep 23 2017

I have always been very meh dgaf about Dunham, but for some reason, her saying people were triggered makes me hate her.

Sep 22 2017

What a bunch of garbage people in the comments. HER. BODY. HER. CHOICE. Also, she’s an adult, and rich. But really, if you think about it, the Kardashian babies have been relatively not exploited.

Sep 22 2017

Congrats to her! :) No snark here. I’ve seen enough gross comments against women on every media platform lately. Hope the pregnancy goes well and the bebe is healthy and happy.

Sep 22 2017

There is so much disheartening snark on here towards Apa. Over the past few years there have been fatal accidents due to on-set negligence - stunt people have died and actors have been injured. Understandably actors teams are upset that their clients aren’t being taken care of and instead put into situations like this Read more

Sep 20 2017

Many teachers wouldn’t try it cause it’s racist as fuck. Can you imagine how the 9/10 year old black children felt in that class? Please imagine being a 10 year old black child being ask to imagine why the KKK would want to murder and brutalize your ancestors. The motivation of people in the KKK is hate. That’s the Read more

Sep 20 2017

This is what white people dont understand. It does not matter what the teacher’s intention was. The excercise was racist and certainly damaging to students, particularly students of colour.

Sep 15 2017

I feel like it’s just the opposite. The make-up scene now is literally open to everyone. There are male make-up gurus who do the make-up on themselves. Most of the make-up I see from the popular female Youtubers aren’t doing make-up to look attractive for men-they’re doing fun looks like unicorn make-up and 100 layers Read more

Sep 13 2017

There’s a bodega near my house that has some of the best /only Jamaican beef patties in the city I live in, not to mention it’s one of the few places that sells jerk seasoning, imported directly from Jamaica, at a reasonable price. I’m sure a load of people like her would absolutely be afraid of it. Adults trying to Read more

Sep 1 2017

Re: “celebrities are damned if they do and damned if they don’t,” the thing about this column is that it’s explicitly about what celebrities do, and what Jessica Chastain did was thoughtlessly give more credibility to the term “alt-left” via a tweet to her 575,000 followers (many of whom called her out of them), only Read more

Aug 31 2017

To be fair, she didn’t make a declaration, an anonymous “source” with, presumably, access to her has told a third party how she is sexually and we, a fourth party, are finding out third hand.

Aug 23 2017

How hilarious that Taylor Swift fans have concocted a reality where Kim Kardashian was somehow in the wrong in that particular situation.