Snowqueens Iceramen
Sep 14 2017

You and Hachi are pretty much the only commenters I could ever see interacting with in my day to day life. I feel you.

Sep 8 2017

The Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter in Molten Gold! It’s better than the Charlotte Tilbury and so, so cheap.

Sep 1 2017

I had to watch it like three times because I’m so obsessed with Duckie no one else registered.

Aug 29 2017

Why did Selena even have photos of the Biebs junk still? That’s weird and gross, they haven’t been together in years. It should be a rule when you break up with someone, delete their nudes.

Aug 26 2017

I got eyelash extensions for the first time ever and I love them! Makes me feel put together even if I’m not wearing makeup which was the goal.

Aug 2 2017

Thank you! God I am so sick of reading these catty, victim blamey comments. We are supposed to be better than this ffs.

Jul 22 2017

My experience was pretty awesome because my doctor was very proactive with meds. He was like I know it’s a lot and you might not need it all but take it because it’s better than the alternative/dry socket. Read more

Jun 18 2017

I finally finished the million skin care samples and purchases I made myself promise to finish before I bought any more and ordered some Paula’s Choice products to try out. I’m especially excited to try the liquid exfoliant since it’s been freezing here in Melbourne and my skin is really feeling it.

Jun 13 2017

Kanye has been pretty frank and honest about being medicated. His song FML with the Weeknd addresses it quite clearly. I think he does genuinely seem to want to do right by his kids which will hopefully keep him in check going forward.

May 11 2017

Yeah I always think beer when I hear it being used as a name. It’s a pretty famous beer in NZ.