If i were to guess I think it’s less about nostalgia and more along the lines of ‘the time is right for a fantasy tv show’ there’s not a lot out out there, we’re in a fallow period before the GoT and LotR series start... people might be interested in finding a more ‘family friendly’ option, and have some nostalgia for Read more

“ infinite number of Lee Paces” Read more

Sold Toyotas for a decade, wowza ( Did I mention one of the top Venza salespeople in Canada, ask me about it )... let me tell you guys about ‘Scion’ Read more

Funny story, in another life, I was one of the top Toyota Venza sellers in Canada, I worked for a multi-brand dealership group and once got invited to a pre-launch event setup by Honda which included salespeople training for the Crosstour. The people at Honda were psyched to have a Crossover which would finally put Read more

What Raoult did was much MUCH worse than the article states. Raoult used old colonial conspiracy tropes to make French speaking African countries buy in to his bad science causing several to completely drop the ball on their pandemic response. Even worst, some populist African leaders used Raoult’s distortions of the Read more

Was always more of a Bissli fan, especially the Onion and BBQ flavors.
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If only Jalopnik hadn’t spent the last few years ignoring their content, limiting themselves to writing lazy alphabet soup on ‘grand tour trailers’ instead of covering some of the actual pretty epic stuff the grand tour was doing (fine, not all winners) like the Lancia piece, the Mongolia special, season 3 in general Read more

Oh my god... I thought this was a joke. This was way over the line...

I guarantee you he would not be happy if someone made him a Donda Hologram telling him what she thought about him... now... Read more

 They know who their target market is: Men with small penises.
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Typically you don’t get the crabs from just a Hummer Read more

Aim for a guitar with a quality setup, cheaper chinese yamahas are just chinese or indonesians imports overglossed and with mediocre action, nut carving and fretwork, I worked as a luthier and those cheap Yamahas are ghastly when you don’t take your time to go through a dozen of them, I saw the same stuff on their Read more

Aim for a guitar with a quality setup, cheaper chinese yamahas are just chinese or indonesians imports overglossed

I’m an old school type of guy. ‘So let it be written. So let it be done.’ is my go-to. Read more

In other words they’ll have a uniq sliq physiq, so to spiq. Read more

Thank you. This ep was a B at worst. Loved the last 15 minutes. Read more

There is only one Star Trek show I want Read more

They need to make these planes out of rubber. If one falls out of the sky it goes ”boeiiinnnggg” and bounces right back up. Read more

And Tada had also said we’d see a convertible 86 variant, maybe even a Fastback, jesus for a while there he had spoken about a whole family of cars on the platform. He even said some designers and engineers were working on their spare time designing the cars. Read more

The C8 Corvette is going to be such an incredible problem for this car. Read more

Well to be fair, there wasn’t a black man involved.  Read more

OK, I’ll ask: what’s with the hair? Read more