6:23 PM

I think the problem is you have situations where a movie like Inception never gets made unless Christopher Nolan agrees to do The Dark Knight first.  Studios are sacrificing good films for corporate greed.  My kids will be watching Transformers 26 and some Adam Sandler movie when they are older simply because they Read more

3:21 PM

Yes, it would have been nice if he had realized this before he wrote his book, however the book was a reflection of part of that culture and someone would have written something similar. Read more

3:26 PM

In pointing to the 7th, the president wasn’t hoping his supporters would recognize landmarks like Johns Hopkins Hospital, perhaps the nation’s leading medical center. He wasn’t conjuring images of the U.S. Social Security Administration, where they write the checks that so many retired and disabled Americans depend Read more

2:41 PM

Just remember, this pattern of “insult and repeat” is coming from the President of the United States (on the daily), allowed by twitter (insert excuse), Beloved by evangelicals (what’s Sunday sermon like?), and not one person in his party thinks its a bad look and should probably try to stop him. Winning strategy??
Read more

2:20 PM

This is playing pretty poorly even in some conservative parts of Maryland. There’s definitely a “white racist terrified of Baltimore” demographic. But it’s not that large. Even in the mostly-white and more conservative areas a lot of people still go to Baltimore, if only certain parts. Read more

2:26 PM

I’m sure the dog walker went through extensive training before downloading the app and becoming a professional dog walker/taxi driver/food deliverer/home health care provider/construction contractor.

2:25 PM

“Broke free” is total bullshit. We are serial dog owners/caretakers/forever home providers. Our current rescue shepherd mix while pre-rescue probably gave into his prey instinct and chased a rabbit into the woods and almost-certain oblivion. His former “owner” didn’t give a shit about recovering him. Long story short, Read more

1:17 PM

Did you just say Rest in Power to a Goddamned dog? Rest in Power means something. It’s a phrase Black folks made up to honor our dead. 

12:27 AM

i think I’d prefer “teens arrested as suspects in attack” rather than seeing “allegedly attacked.” They look bloody? Unless there’s cctv footage of the two women just knocking each other out? 

6:04 PM

Except I think it’s bullshit to expect people to have a duty to be altruistic just because they have fertility issues. I think all choices about having children (or not) are fundamentally selfish - and that’s ok. If you’re gonna be raising a child I would rather you do it because it’s what you want, not something you Read more

4:07 PM

Not all fostering is selfless. While I know several people who have done fostering because they are kind people who want to help kids, I also have friends who have been through the foster system and were essentially a paycheck vehicle for the people fostering them. I also know it’s often a brutal process that comes Read more

3:22 PM

I’ve fucking had it up to here with all the people looking around incredulously, pretending to be stupefied that the word “Pocahontas” is now somehow off-limits. It’s not the word itself, you nitwits, and you damn well know it. Read more

3:20 PM

Yeah I am weirdly impressed by her. Wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to push her into an active volcano, but impressed nonetheless.

3:19 PM

It infuriates me that the press can’t be bothered to call her on all her bullshit.

3:01 PM

Bonus points for anyone that happens to know who’s portrait adorns this particular room and perhaps was hanging right behind Donald Trump’s big dumb fucking head

2:56 PM

I think installing Sanders as spokesperson may be Trump’s most actually legitimately genius move. She is such a clod, her whole manner is so insultingly dumb, she says such infuriatingly awful things, all the time, but because she’s a woman, and because she stays deadly calm while spinning Trump’s lies she doesn’t Read more