Jul 28

I used to work with children in state custody who were waiting to be adopted. The children I worked with were in group homes, and many had been in foster care. I did this prior to moving abroad and starting my PhD. Many of these children, through no fault of their own, have been through serious trauma. Many potential Read more

Oct 16 2017

If they came from the gym, he might be wearing shorts over leggings to prevent his shins from being scraped while doing deadlifts or similar exercises...that’s all I got. 

Aug 21 2017

My friend is making me this outfit so I can cosplay as her and I am SO EXCITED and I may teach in it because dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Aug 21 2017

I’ve found both IRL and online the Sansa haters are mostly men. Even when I’m at cons, a dude will always inevitably side-eye my Sansa tattoo. I like Sansa, and always have. She resonates with me because I’ve lived through trauma, and when you’re a kid, and you’re trying to be good, sometimes it’s never enough. D & D Read more

Jul 25 2017

My OB/GYN back home said that half of her practice had it, and that she had never seen a child be affected a birth from a mother that knew her diagnosis.

Jul 25 2017

This is true, but she’s supposed to be leading a pack of 100 wolves around the Riverlands, and Arya still has a deep warging connection with her in the text....

Apr 4 2017

I’m not a royalist by any means, but even I got giddy when I met Princess Anne and she laughed at my joke. Her lady in waiting also thought my tattoos were lace sleeves.

Feb 26 2017

‘What do you mean *they* cut the power? How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals!’ GUTTED. Rest in Power.

Dec 22 2016

In fairness, I didn’t flip out. And yes, comments on threads asking what people are doing this weekend, that week, or that day- much smug. I’ve had a lot to celebrate recently, in fairness. Context is everything, and correlation doesn’t always equal causation. If you took my comment as an attack, I apologize. I was Read more

Dec 21 2016

All women are appraised for their looks under patriarchy. In fairness, models are under the microscope-some would argue even more so.