I got a Presidential Emergency Alert for THIS???
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This means he’s going to start shouting the n-word or calling Hillary “a cunt.” Read more

Oh, sure. You libs laughed when he said “you need an ID to buy groceries.” maybe you should have read the fine print on the tax cut! Read more

I hope he gets an audience with the Queen only to, as they sit down, have herself play the captured video and audio by British intelligence services, of Trump that proves illegal and shady shit (collusion, money laundering, etc.). The Queen then serenely smiles at him, and then tells him that on the last day in Read more

He’s trying to be retro-cool by enabling Big Head Mode. Read more

At a minimum, if they make it competitive enough it would force the GOP to pour money into Texas to keep it thereby denying them they money for some other race.
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Really Whitney?

So you respond to his homophobic shit by headlining your article with a homophobic, gay baiting slur?

Do you not see the problem here?

She probably doesn’t being a cis-white. Read more

I mean, technically. By a few hours. And his reason is really sketchy, considering no one had gone public. Read more

What I’m concerned about is that the 35% +/- is an accurate representation of the number of people who not only agree with his ideals but also are willing to defend this man in the face of just about anything. We’ve seen it with Roy Moore - the nonsensical capacity to back a person who was accused of sexual advances Read more

what’s that line about not wanting to be in a club that would have yourself as a member..? Read more

There is absolutely no way that Pence pardons anything that would get a president kicked out of office. It would be political suicide. They are already doing a damn good job at uniting the democrats voters, they dont need to publicly support the guy after he gets tossed on his ass. That would likely unite every single Read more

Just a note- they’re totally going to vote in that Senate Health Care bill this week. The good news, there’s two definite no votes so far, that being Susan Collins and Rand Paul. The bad news is the remaining moderates are hiding in a bunker hoping nobody notices they haven’t said no yet. Supposedly, they’re too Read more

When the insurgency starts I hope they grab his ass too Read more

And supposedly progressive Democrats also crossed party lines to vote for Carson.
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Sadly, I have an important job interview the following Monday and I can’t be super willing to be arrested. I did mention that I would be ‘out of town’ that weekend and was worried what might happen ‘if it snows’ or something... Read more

I will never understand racist white people’s obsession with Chicago. Read more

This is a great comment. I think you’re on to something here, for real. Read more