sm70- why not Duesenberg?
2:23 PM

Someday, I need to write the whole story on Oppo. 17y/o. Found this coming off lease on a National Rent a car lot. Begged my dad to come look at it with me after work. Expected to come away empty-handed, but a deal was struck for $4500 (huge money for a car for me at the time). Dad tossed me the keys, said, “See you

11:39 AM

What you don’t pay in maintenance, you’ll pay in gas, but a Yukon Denali is a legit luxury cruiser with the reliability of a pickup truck.

11:24 AM

Lexus GX460.  Undisputed build quality and reliability.  Literally designed to withstand the apocalypse.  Technology is good not great and it isn’t an X5 in driving dynamics but it is as tough as a vault and has a silky V8 motor.