sm70- why not Duesenberg?
Apr 15

Both parents work outside the home and the teenager’s school, work and extracurriculars make life much easier for them if they have a car. Read more

Apr 15

I never understood the infatuation with a slim wheel. As a man with monkey hands, I need that CHONK to help me out. Otherwise I feel like I’m gonna brake the wheel in half.

Mar 17

But not many people hit the hilarious trifecta of misusing Autopilot, driving on a suspended license and crashing into a cop. It could have only been more stupid if they crashed into a jail. lol Read more

Mar 17

Tesla Autopilot is getting really good. Here we see it pull itself into the nearest Charger.

Mar 15

Use of the word “shall” is common in regulatory guidelines and is used to indicate a firm requirement.  Whereas the word “should” indicates a recommendation or suggestion.

Feb 27

One time, I told a great story about something that happened while I was learning to drive—and then LATER THAT SAME DAY it got screenshotted and the screenshot was pasted into an unreadable slideshow to drive advertising revenue to the owners of a company that I don’t even work for. Boy, was my face ever red. I’ll Read more

Feb 12

I would love to meet a priest who daily’s an El Camino and has an old Defender in a shed. Of course, he IS Episcopalian (so am I, theoretically). Catholic light - all the pomp and ceremony, half the guilt, and you get to have sex! They must thank Henry VIII every day for that last one. Read more

Feb 5

Its my experience that cars with an open floor plan, so to speak, kind suck because you can’t use the space. What’s the point of putting feet down there if there is no center seat (that’s a whole other thing) and anything you put down there for storage is just asking to slide all over the place and cause issues. To Read more

Feb 5

I like having one, helps remind guys to keep their hands and legs to themselves while I’m driving. Anything that helps the American male be less of a creeper is a good thing in my book.

Feb 5

This is you yelling at clouds a little bit.
I prefer a comfortable, spacious center console for a few reasons:
It’s more comfortable for my right arm. I have a bad shoulder and am left handed, so center consoles are the shiznit.
I’m no longer a regular recipient of, ahem, affection, from females in my passenger seat that Read more

Feb 2

Fought the Nazis at 20 and fought a global pandemic at 100. Pretty freaking good legacy to leave behind. A tip of the cap to Sir Captain Tom.

Jan 31

counterpoint: the regulations aren’t being drawn up with stuff like a hellcat in mind at all. they’re being drawn up to cover the 99.99% of cars that aren’t hellcats and the modern muscle cars are just going to be collateral damage. look around in a parking lot. there are an awful lot of V8 powered trucks.

also, read Read more