sm70- why not Duesenberg?
Aug 12

Watch any number of YouTube compilations and you’ll inevitably see cars roll as a result of being struck by another car that was doing something wrong. Being a good driver helps, but it is by no means a guarantee against any type of crash, rollover or otherwise. So while the statistics may be misleading, simply

Aug 10

Does anyone else recall a few years ago when BMW said that they/the M5 were not going to chase the German sedan horsepower wars beyond 600 horsepower? No? Just me?

Jun 30

Nice write-up! Though no Pride Parade would be complete without a Miata-based float. Here’s one from ours in Omaha last year that I quite liked:

Apr 4

Awesome! I saw it when it rolled through Omaha on its first outing a while back - quite a sight to behold! It was also cool having two of these things in the same town at the same time, including the only working one.

Feb 5

You’re missing my point. The new Navigator is no longer the inferior lame duck of the bunch. It’s put itself on the level of the foreign competition, which both previous Navigators and Cadillac had failed to do. It’s not simply the fact that the Navigator is yet another update, but the fact that they went pretty much Read more

Feb 5

If you’ve had any experience with this newest one, you would know that is no longer the case. The new ‘Gator is leaps and bounds ahead of the outgoing Escalade and by all accounts, on par with those other two Kristen mentioned.

Feb 2

Right. I was thinking that any hybrid RV (or at least the Class A and bigger Class B ones) would be powerful enough to tow a small car, much like their current conventional fully gas/diesel counterparts are.

Feb 1

Plus, I think it’d be really cool if you got one with a big enough battery that could charge whatever little electric car it’s towing along behind as it drives. That plus some form of regenerative charging for the car, of course. Then, when you get to whatever campsite, you plug your RV in to the shore power hookup as Read more

Jan 29

This is one of the things I like about my new Jetta. Brake lights, tail lights, and amber turn signals, all using their own entirely separate sets of LEDs.