sm70- why not Duesenberg?
Mar 6

My best near miss isn’t all that interesting. Neither car nor coyote were harmed, although I will say that from my view, it disappeared under the front of the hood and I was *certain* I was gonna hit it.

Feb 27

At least any potential humiliation derived from the embarrassing nature of the story was negated by the fact that the ad spent 95% of the time covering up the story itself.

Feb 27

Not learning to drive in the most traditional sense, but learning to drive in a foreign country. Specifically, my first time ever driving abroad was in New Zealand in this lovely fuchsia 1st gen RAV4, acting as a designated driver while ferrying a full carload of friends between vineyards (because mistakes are always

Feb 2

This is somehow the first time I’ve heard of Captain Tom, but it would seem he’s a man who left an incredible (and long) legacy. Thanks for sharing.

Aug 12

Watch any number of YouTube compilations and you’ll inevitably see cars roll as a result of being struck by another car that was doing something wrong. Being a good driver helps, but it is by no means a guarantee against any type of crash, rollover or otherwise. So while the statistics may be misleading, simply

Aug 10

Does anyone else recall a few years ago when BMW said that they/the M5 were not going to chase the German sedan horsepower wars beyond 600 horsepower? No? Just me?

Jun 30

Nice write-up! Though no Pride Parade would be complete without a Miata-based float. Here’s one from ours in Omaha last year that I quite liked:

Apr 4 2020

Awesome! I saw it when it rolled through Omaha on its first outing a while back - quite a sight to behold! It was also cool having two of these things in the same town at the same time, including the only working one.