Slut Panic
Aug 26

So I used to eat food that I know wasn’t particularly healthy. While I was overweight I was not as overweight as I

Jul 10

I have been therapist and have taken some medications. None of it has helped. I was diagnosed as having major

Jul 7

Does anyone remember a show on PBS with a blonde middle age white lady that would teach kids their letters? I think

Aug 10 2019

How do you do an art study? I want to learn the art fundamentals because I have never learned them. One thing I was

Aug 10 2019

I would like to get back into drawing. I would be essentially starting from scratch. There are so many fundamentals

Aug 4 2019

1. I was just watching a video for peanut butter and jelly jello shots. The jelly they chose was grape. I kind of

May 16 2019

I recently tried some CBD gummy bears and I didn’t notice anything. I heard that they were good for anxiety and

Apr 11 2019
Going through it.

Having a really bad couple of months. Today was just the worst. I don’t want to talk about it, because last time I

Jul 9 2018

Has anyone else watched the first episode of Sharp Objects? I was able to watch it last night. It’s a murder mystery

Jun 21 2018

Your old girl Koko has slipped through the veil and now is in the great montane forests in the sky. She was 46.