Sep 2 2018

Probably from the 225,000 miles its lived. It is a most excellent car, and I love it more for being a dirty and terrible car. It spits flames. It’s fun. Go ahead and touch it.

May 17 2018

Nope. This is how Baby Boomers write stuff. Self-important, overly wordy and pseudo-intellectual. I can literally HEAR the all-white New Balances and leather smartphone belt holster.

May 13 2018

I posted this story last year on mother’s day, but whatevs.

Apr 25 2018

With global platforms, Ford will still have the small cars available when the inevitable happens. They won’t be selling them here, but they will have the ability to (federalize them and) bring them here should the demand pick up due to rising fuel prices.

Apr 19 2018

This should be called the Hissy Fit

Apr 11 2018

I guess the biggest shocker for me is that someone had a “1994" sticker in their desk to put on the windshield.

Feb 21 2018

I had a TDI that could automatically detect if it was on rollers so it could go into a special mode to pass the emissions test.

Feb 14 2018

Poor Super Gramps....then again, this does mean we’ll likely be getting vids of him getting fixed and maybe upgraded in the future, and I’m always down for that.

Jan 14 2018

My first thought was not of sadness, but congratulations for living such a full and successful life.

Jan 14 2018

The man was an absolute legend. Anything that could be done in motorsports he did. I don’t have many heros but Dan was one. Read more