Slovenly Muse
3/15/21 3:18PM

can someone notify Congress in the next 2 years or so about passing a law to restrict the “parental alienation” defense, or anything to ensure it isn’t used so effectively to take kids away from their moms as a response to allegations of abuse, which are then followed by further allegations of abuse 88% of the time Read more

11/02/20 1:08PM

None of this litigation matters in terms of what actually happens in court, this is all for the media. When they first got divorced the narrative was “Wow Johnny Depp is a horribly abusive piece of shit who spent years terrorizing Amber Heard” now that they’ve spent years airing all of their dirty laundry in court the Read more

10/31/20 12:42PM

I suppose what I’ll remember most is when I was a kid, my mom basically banning his movies from our house. “He thinks it’s okay to slap women around, and I won’t put money in the pocket of a wife-beater”. Read more

5/08/20 12:46PM

“The middle-aged couple, prone to ruthless barbs and copious afternoon cocktails, begins to toy mercilessly with the naïve young couple at their door,” Read more

4/08/20 6:24PM

Catherine O’Hara’s talent is otherworldly. I love that she came up with the verbal mannerisms and Moira’s fashion sense & wigs & when she explained it all to Dan Levy when they were discussing the character before the show started, he was just in awe 

4/08/20 11:11AM

My favorite COH moment is when she does that laugh without even opening her mouth, and just keeps at it for like a full minute. God, I will miss seeing her on my screen every week.

4/08/20 9:23AM

I think she said in an interview that that lightbulb was just there. Like, the props department didn’t plan it or anything, there just happened to be a spare lightbulb in the drawer. 

3/21/20 1:49PM

This is a great assessment. When I was 12, I was happy to overlook TNG’s flaws in writing, acting (Stewart and Spiner excepted), pacing, set design, wardrobe choices, etc., because it was literally the only thing on TV for nerds apart from PBS re-running Tom Baker-era Dr. Who. Then X-Files and Buffy made genre stuff Read more

3/19/20 12:01PM

Not only is it a beyond-tired trope (as I said regarding an earlier episode, it’s a trope that was recognised as exhausted by SF writers as early as the 1930s), it’s a fundamentally bigoted one. Read more

1/05/20 10:07PM

I can’t say I’m surprised, but Rami Malek not winning for Mr. Robot is fucking wild.

12/17/19 8:56PM

I was actually thinking this for a hot second. I mean I wasn’t really into the slow-mo style that took over Hannibal Season 3 or American Gods. I didn’t understand how his style was compatible with Discovery. But that show lost showrunners, and this show is on its third showrunner, so now I’m pretty much all the way Read more

12/14/19 3:51PM

At this point I wonder if Fuller didn't make some Faustian bargain to have nothing but good shows but they all befall a terrible fate.

12/02/19 12:20AM

This season has really been all about the importance of Elliot and Darlene’s relationship. All the big deaths and confrontations and even sacrifices of others take most of the attention but in the end this is what really matters.After all we spent a lot of time on making Elliot understand he can’t do it alone and the Read more

10/11/19 7:56PM

Oh my God YES. I was petrified of that one. I was just about to comment about it! When I was a kid I had a queen size bed and a mirror next to the right side, I slept on the left side with all my stuffed animals and pillows on the right size so I couldn't be near the mirror and I had to have a night light. This went Read more

9/01/19 7:47PM

Do you even die of foreseeable complications from a faddish lifestyle choice, bro?”

8/27/19 6:12AM

Because, you dirty motherfucker, they would not have done that shit to a white man.  So sick of this shit. It will never change because too many people are cool with this because they know they will never endure one second of what People Of Color have to and it’s just fine with them.