Slovenly Muse
2/21/21 3:32AM

The Citations Needed podcast just did an outstanding episode on this very topic. The various ways in which “essential workers” are lauded by employers publicly as heroes, and then privately fed into the corporate meat grinder for profits at any cost. Excellent listen, do check it out!

2/17/21 5:47PM

This is how societal change happens. It’s not that individuals change their minds, it’s that older people with dominant beliefs literally die and are replaced by those younger and more forward-thinking. I’m not celebrating HIS death, really, but rather the death of his ideology, his era. I’m fucking dancing on its Read more

11/01/20 3:50AM

You know, if this guy put up a Valentine’s display with nudity or a realistic-looking sexual tableau, it would get taken down so fast... but this is okay?
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10/25/20 1:42AM

Rats. Hannah being a ghost seemed too predictable, especially with all the anvils about her not eating. My theory up to this point was actually that SHE had killed Peter Quint, and her “drifting off,” lighting the extra candle, and hallucinating the crack (which in this scenario would have been from the impact of his Read more

5/09/20 11:36PM

Wow. I never expected Jezebel’s commentariat to be so uniformly against this woman and her story. Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s not considered credible! Read more

5/05/20 2:08PM

Thank you so much for this article! For me, Shirley Jackson adaptations are right up there with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein - Each new adaptation provides a new source of anger/disappointment that yet again, another production has entirely missed the fucking point! How have these stories managed to remain enduring Read more

5/05/20 1:19PM

This doesn’t surprise me. Chatter around The Disaster Artist was that it glossed over a lot of Wiseau’s more problematic or abusive behaviour on set to present a more positive “he’s just a weird goofball” portrait, specifically because they needed Wiseau’s consent/cooperation to get the film off the ground. Seems like Read more

4/29/20 12:56PM

Hmm. I don’t know that I’d say the original series had much of a “literature” component. I remember it being way more about LITERACY: the way we can read/view and write/express in order to communicate in creative ways. It was all about cracking codes, finding clues in letters, notes, snippets of texts. And, of course,

4/08/20 2:35AM

My favourite moment was actually in season 1, I think episode 2, so right out of the gate. It’s when the Roses return to the hotel to find their door open, and Moira believes they’ve been robbed. She’s looking for the earrings she hid in a kleenex box, which leads to a completely absurd sequence of her looking in Read more

4/06/20 6:13PM

Ooooh, awesome! I saw the live version when National Theatre Live was broadcasting it to movie theatres a few months ago. If you love the show, definitely check out the stage version because it is PHENOMENAL! The story is more-or-less the same, but the experience is completely different. I can’t recommend it highly Read more

3/24/20 1:32PM

You’re failing to consider that the problems THEMSELVES can be created by a flick of a wand and a dash of pixie dust. And they are ALSO not bound by the rules of hard, plausible science. And as long as you adequately establish what rules they ARE bound by, conflict can be immensely satisfying.

2/19/20 12:06AM

Yeah, I don’t know about the special effects here. The beauty of the novel and the other adaptations is in the garden’s simplicity. The community and friendship in a shared special space, the revelation of nature, the brisk air of the moor, the joy of planting things and watching them grow... that’s the real magic in Read more