Slim Snerdy

Seriously. Down with rubber.

As a Jeep owner I agree. Make America Jeep Again.

I felt the health bars can also be distracting as in your eyes are going to be darting to look directly at the bar rather than on the target. I did this a lot in BioShock.

These screenshots you put up are giving me a hankering to play this. Actually looks good visually. I bought it just to support the IP. I too want Duke to come back, but only if they consult with Doc or the Doom guys.

I can see it now. Your struggle to name the GOTY. DOOM OR FORZA.

I really want to watch this and discuss but yeah I want everything a surprise. I was let down with the high hopes I had for Skyward even though it had high merits: art direction, dungeon puzzles, story/lore (especially on Zelda herself). The largest flaw in that game was exploration was very articial (only 3 main Read more

Yes, I too am on a Zelda blackout of sorts.

Shapes are important for visual design. I can never forget using the flamethrower on these badboys from Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Man do I want Combat Evolved on PC again. The original one would suffice. I think Uncharted 3 did have slightly more unique enemy encounters on that brutal cruise ship level. They were padded/armored to hell and back but that’s all I remember for variety.

I almost spat out my tea at mech suit. You win.

Thanks for saying you loved HL1. As did I. But I think Doc also knows I never “beat” the game. Stalled on Xen and never went back unfortunately.

Fabulous work Doc! Kotaku is the big leagues. I remember seeing your old avatar here before I became a commentor. I miss that pic (it was a graphic novel or something). Read more

I do have it. I heard it was as close to Wario 64 as we can possibly get. Or Luigi 64..

This on loop ‘til the end of time.

Hmm yes. Super Mario Galaxy. Man. Both 1 and 2 were 10. But then again Super Mario 64 was legendary too.

I have been succumbed to being too busy. =/

This read was fab; also love the art assets you used. So much nice!