2/22/18 4:04PM

I dunno. They might now be catching on in the BDSM community now.

2/22/18 4:02PM

never even heard of gail simone - probably a trash writer anyway... :/

2/22/18 3:09PM

You know - every month... every month I read this list thinking “This will be the month where I feel good about the money I spend on Netflix”

And every month I get more and more disappointed.

If it weren’t for the marvel stuff, and the hot and cold running Star Trek it would be so easy for me to cancel.

Anyone else Read more

2/22/18 3:00PM

If Neanderthals confined themselves to working with perishable materials like wood, we’d never know about it. Look at the archaeology of art on the West Coast - we have a good record of petroglyphs, argillite carvings and the like, but if these cultures had been extinct for a few thousand years we’d probably know Read more

2/22/18 1:41PM

I can’t be the only one that’s slightly disappointed the knife wasn’t shaped like a lightsaber.

2/22/18 1:08PM

See, I don’t get the assumption that the little Porg is sad about his fellow being cooked. Maybe he’s just looking up at Chewie with big black eyes that say, “so..... hungry....” Read more

2/22/18 12:13PM

There is an arcade near Osage Beach, MO (at the Lake of the Ozarks) that still has an episode I racer. My sons and I always stop in there every trip and play it. They are getting old enough (and I am getting too old) that I don’t always win, now...but that is even more fun at times.

There is also an old Star Wars Read more

2/22/18 11:55AM

I was 11 when it came out and I loved it. Sometimes I forget a lot of people hated it as soon as they saw it.

2/22/18 11:36AM

I watched an edit of the pod racer scene once, where they pretty much just cut out the annoying announcer. It’s amazing how tense and engaging it became. That little bit just sucked out all the drama and suspense. Read more

2/22/18 10:03AM

??? I really don’t see Amy Schumer as being a big attention seeker, especially compared to most other celebs. Sure, she makes her living off of promoting her work so she can’t *disappear*, but she seems pretty low-key and real.

2/22/18 9:44AM

Hell yes. Give me a giant to tilt against and I will be a happy Bantaro. This is my favorite European woodcut:

2/21/18 8:27PM

This is part of Adam Sandler’s and Kevin James’s job. This is a work event, and that’s how they dressed. How unbelievably unprofessional.

2/21/18 8:01PM

What about my garbage bag full of popcorn?!

2/21/18 7:45PM

“This shopping bag packed full of candy and snacks is my emotional support pet.”