2/21/18 7:30PM

See also: Mia Kirshner as Spock’s mom on ST: Discovery. Seriously?!?!

2/21/18 5:41PM

YES! Still waiting (honestly) for the definitive Amitabh Bachchan role in a western flick. Read more

2/21/18 5:36PM

And yes, I WILL expect a cool dance number to break out during a high-stakes bank robbery :)

2/21/18 5:24PM

I walked by a condo under construction a few weeks ago. They had promotional stuff printed on the barricades lining the block, y’now, so no dust gets in to any passer-bys kinda deal. So this one day they had some canvassers outside asking people if they wanted to be invited to some evening thingy where they talk about

2/21/18 5:10PM

Exactly, and that’s how I took it. He was using ‘their thing’, back upon them. Very subtle, and it isn’t even a big deal if not that many people pick up on it because the literal version still works. Read more

2/21/18 5:06PM

What’s Natalie like? Is she nice? I bet she’s nice.

2/21/18 4:21PM

I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I grew up being told if I wanted to talk to any elder, you refer to them as auntie or uncle. It was years before I learned it had anything to do with people being related to you.

2/21/18 3:57PM

It was during the coronation scene. People were being asked who would challenge T’Challa for the throne. After many tribes had spoken, Shuri puts up her hand, says her corset is killing her and that “can we just wrap it up and go home(?).”

2/21/18 3:47PM

Rumour has it Glover has been dying to get that corset joke in somewhere since he was eight.

2/21/18 3:41PM

I don’t seem to remember ever owning a T-Rex. Very interesting.

2/21/18 3:31PM

2021? Is Avatar crossing over to the Jurassic franchise? Are we getting a Jurassic Avatar movie next, in fifteen years?

2/20/18 7:49PM

It’s February.
It’s London.
It’s outdoors.
It’s by the water.
Versace didn’t have a SINGLE woman’s jacket to showcase?!?!

2/20/18 7:26PM

Huh, guess that’s what happens when you don’t switch hands.

2/20/18 7:19PM

Yeah, she was really lovin’ that evening, and those extensions :)