Jan 7 2017

We took this big sweetheart for a walk today. It’s currently 2 degrees outside but so clear and beautiful. I love, love, love this weather. His name is Denali and he’s a giant malamute. He’s a rescue and is wearing the giant heavy lead as training for going off lead. This picture is a little older, but how it

Jan 7 2017

Our youngest is enamored with climbing onto my books to stare at himself in the big mirror lately.

Dec 25 2016

This is the most heartbreaking of all. I saw George in concert twice, the first time in 1987 in Honolulu when I was ten years old. The Faith album still stands as one of the greatest pop albums ever made. I know every song, every word. I saw him again in 2008, just about twenty years later, in DC. I cannot express how Read more

Dec 10 2016

Yeah, drug effects on fetuses and on breastfeeding babies are two different things. I’m breastfeeding and on Zoloft, it was suggested by three separate doctors.

Dec 3 2016

“... and when I hung up the phone it occurred to me, my boy was just like me yeah, my boy was just like me...

Nov 19 2016

Man, weed blows. You’re making it worse for yourself. I’m so lucky that I had the support structure at a certain point to stop. Tough love. If one person had said to me quit that shit and get healthy if you want to be a good writer, I would have listened sooner.

Nov 17 2016

Not excusing her, but you can’t walk out. You can call an admin, but it really challenging schools no one will come, and they don’t want you sending kids to the office. Really defiant kids won’t go even if you do send them. Read more

Nov 17 2016

Yeah, it can be hard, especially if you work with kids who have trauma, or who have severe behavioral challenges. It takes a lot to be able to deal with that. You kind of can’t react to it. You have to build a relationship, and you have to be flexible. When a kid is super difficult, you have to just love them more. Read more

Nov 8 2016

Where do I sign up to be pushed onto the Subway tracks?

Nov 8 2016

I got nothing. I don’t remember when I’ve felt this awful recently. you have no idea how medicated I am and I’m still filled with so much anxiety I can’t fucking stand it. Fucking. Gary. Johnson. FUCKING. GARY. JOHNSON.

Nov 5 2016

I know this was facetious, but just throwing out there that many areas in Dallas have a reputation for affluence. There are also world-class museums and other cultural gems made plentiful by that wealth (but also many areas where effects of income disparity are painfully clear, plus a huge amount of ugly urban Read more

Nov 5 2016

I decided to become a doggie foster parent, and I fucking love it! My first baby got adopted about within 3 days, and I’ve had my second one since Monday. I’m absolutely in love with him. He’s a chiweenie, and he favorite activity is taking literally every toy out of the toy box and excitedly rotating which toy he

Nov 5 2016

Addicts have AA meetings, friends and family of addicts can to go Alanon meetings for guidance on dealing with addicts that aren’t getting treatment, and supporting addicts that are in recovery. Read more

Nov 5 2016

If you run the numbers and there won’t be a way to increase your income, get your credit in order. If you (and your significant other if their name will be on the mortgage) has a great credit score, you can purchase a house for less than 20% down. If you’re a veteran, you can buy a house for 0% down.

Oct 23 2016

Let’s see if I can explain it to you.
I used to work as a professional body waxer. I spent a large portion of my days waxing people’s genitals. I had absolutely no qualms about it. However, on occasion, someone in a social setting would learn what I did and offer me money to come to their house and wax their junk. And Read more