Jan 8 2017

This is kind of late and may not be seen but I feel like sharing one more positive, supportive perspective from being on an antidepressant couldn’t hurt! I fought for years before starting the medication I’m on now because of being on one in my early 20's that I felt was worse than better for me and thinking “I don’t Read more

Dec 29 2016

Couldn’t agree more, I loved living in North County (SD)! When I first moved there it was almost “too small town” feeling for me but then I realized that is why I loved my little beach community, the small town vibe!

Nov 4 2016

My brother has what would be considered 3 Last names, first thing after he was born/named my Grandfather said “Poor kid has to go through life with 3 last names!” First thought he had about his first born grandchild. Not completely relevant, but at least a little...

Oct 7 2016

As I was vegging out yesterday and watching KUWTK rerun (I know, but I can’t help myself) I was floored by Kourtney’s obsession with organic/gluten free foods. What really made me wonder about her eating history (which I know little to nothing about) was pizza night with the family, and her kids hating it! Why? It was Read more

Oct 1 2016

Have you made a formal complaint about this Prof yet? I’ve followed all that you’ve been posting and I’m disgusted by the Professor. I think you need to make formal complaints every time it’s warranted. It’s just like the corporate/ professional world, the “higher ups” don’t know unless the student/client/consumer is Read more

Sep 29 2016

Typically, yes. Every officer has “basic” PERT training , which equates to 2-8 hrs of seminar style training. Each department typically has one PERT clinician which is an actual licensed mental health therapist with extensive training (they’re amazing people) and then one officer is assigned as their partner, Read more