8:08 PM

Right? And it wasn’t petty with a purpose, either a.) Jessica made a mistake, b.) Jessica totally bullshited it to make it look like they had a better post divorce relationship than they do, or c.) Nick had it sent without telling Vanessa. None of those scenarios make Jessica Simpson look bad, but two of them make Read more

4:28 PM

I'm sorry. That doesn't feel good. Marketing is basically out for me because age, I've transitioned into Project Management and most recently Business Analyst. 

7:04 PM

Bernie isn’t a Democrat, he’s a libertarian and he and his group of merry incels tipped the election. The Russian and Republican interference was made through that group of merry morons. Bernie isn't a Democrat. They left the charge with the But Her Emails load of shit. Check yourself.

1:22 PM

I want someone who can win. If it’s an old white dude right now to reassure the racist mysogonistic crowd, read Libertarians who fucked our last election, I don’t care. Who bought you Jezebel? You seem to be doing Trump’s work for him.

9:42 AM

And another thing. Huckabee just used as her excuse, explanation? Of being a liar, that she lied because she’s not a Democrat. Republicans can take their false, victimhood and shove it up their asses. You can shove it up yours.

3:35 AM

I care to n the sense that I will March, I will vote, I will donate and as a Vet, I will stand by the oaths I took, but as for the people, those who voted for him, those who collude with them those cowards who say make peace, care about them. May you all rot.

12:09 AM

Don't give a fuck. Making nice with racists isn't my job. That's what's got us in this place. Being polite little democrats. Anyone still supporting Trump is either a.) stupid, b.) has decided that winning at any means is acceptable, c.) a racist, d.) all of the above. Not people I care about.

10:09 PM

If I saw Trump on fire on the street. I wouldn’t piss on him. I have a bi-racial transgender daughter with ASD. Fuck everyone who supports him. They are actively trying to hurt my child.

11:17 PM

What she actually said was a cup of water could have won both her own and AOC's district. Not click baitey enough? You just needed to set fire to a non existent fight? Don't we get enough of this in main stream media? Do better.

8:29 AM

I had zero opinion of her until I saw her with North West. This is not a girl I'd want to model for my daughter. She's obnoxious.

3:55 PM

Without a phone seems particularly viscous. How are they supposed to be contacted about a job. Or anything. The day I make my kid homeless and kick her out without a cell phone even is the day you check me for a brain tumor. 

1:54 PM

Damn, her voice. That’s the voice of a person with hearing problems, or who thinks Northie is stupid, so she’s talking louder, like idiots who this talking louder and slower will somehow bridge a language gap. Read more

12:25 AM

None of this surprises me. When you read an author as prolific as Roberts for so many years, I like to think you get a feel for who they are, and this all jives with what is at the core of all of her stories; community, friendship, and taking a personal responsibility for making your your corner of the world a better Read more