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You really don’t want to be taking psuedoephedrine daily anyway. The generic at my Walgreens is pretty darn cheap though. Read more

I can guarantee you that doctors do not want this medication removed because it causes little Timmy to no longer have bronchitis and need to be seen. Aside from the fact that your comment is ridiculous, doctors have zero motivation to remove a medication that helps patients. Read more

I dont understand how this game can be so incredibly easy some days (today for me) and then on others I can’t get a single combination, or even feel like I have the slightest clue Read more

Probably pretty basic statistical models to identify outliers that have been used elsewhere for many years. But let’s just call it AI because that’s the trendy term. Read more

No blender can do this. Yes, the mechanism of action is similar, a blade blends through the frozen concoction, but you can’t recreate the results with a blender, or even come close. Read more

I am an addict. Fairlife milk, protein powder, sugar free pudding mix, and whatever mix in’s you want and you have a delicious, low calorie/high protein treat Read more

It was okay, too much cheap plastic crap though. I can’t count the times I had to fix the plastic lining going across the side of the center console. I liked mine but it had too many issues pop up around the 80k mile mark. Read more

Got both at the same time last year. Pharmacist said typically they don’t like to do that in case you have a reaction but if you have had enough flu and covid shots that you aren’t worried about that then it’s not a big deal. Read more

A lot of the negative side effects from these types of drugs are from people eating poorly while on them. You can’t just eat like normal and expect for the drug to do all the work. If you eat a lot of high fat foods, alcohol, etc then you’re going to have a bad time. If you follow a more health promoting diet, you Read more

The evidence tying obesity to poor heart health is pretty much undeniable though. Even if the evidence of weight loss leading to better heart health is circumstantial, it is not exactly a reach given the link between heart health and obesity. Read more

Remember when Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Deadspin, etc were great sites and now are former shells of their past selves? Good times. Read more

How much you want to bet she was ignoring her doctors dietary recommendations as well? If you’re taking a drug like this you can’t keep eating like a glutton and expect things to go well. Read more

Good, now maybe people will stop doing a company’s work for free in exchange for a touch of power  Read more

I used to have access to lounges through my previous job and it was absolutely fantastic. A nice quiet place to escape the insanity of the airport with much more comfortable seating. If I traveled frequently again, I would probably just pay the $500/year for the AMEX Platinum which gets you access to a bunch of Read more

I’m pretty sure the author of this post has zero idea what the actual car market is like right now (or anything else having to do with personal finance really) because this is one of the best times to buy new over used if you can get a new car without getting screwed by the dealer. It makes no sense to buy used to Read more

You already can, that’s what business and first are for Read more

A good rule of thumb is that you can ignore anything Rip says. Read more

Maybe the Republicans should lead by example and stop spending so much while cutting taxes when they have power. Nothing says fiscal responsibility like decreasing the amount of money coming in and increasing the amount of money going out. Oh, except when the other party is in charge, then they are staunch fiscal Read more

This is not AI. This is using statistical models. Read more