Dec 6 2016

I absolutely agree but while I am stranded here doing phone interviews I have to write something. That’s my job. So I did this. I’m certainly not planning a series on my coldness or my feelings.

Dec 6 2016

She’s a woman. That’s really it. The whole web of Benghazi/email/Vince Foster/Pizzagate/other insanity spun around her is just the shroud on the undead creature that is these people’s hatred of women. Especially women who are demonstrably smarter and better at all things then they are. Read more

Dec 6 2016

I know it’s not going to happen, and I know it would cause total chaos, but if the electoral college somehow flipped to Hillary I would get endless pleasure out of saying “that’s how the system works, you lost, get over it. Crybaby repubs are just sore losers.”

Dec 5 2016

Oh, he’s no gift. But he’s not obviously crazy either. And he does have experience. How low the bar has gotten....

Dec 5 2016

I keep laughing mirthlessly to myself, remembering the days when I was concerned about George W. Bush’s push to the right and extreme Neo-Conservatism.

Dec 5 2016

I never thought the day would come where I’d openly wish for enough faithless electors to band together to make Kasich the reasonable, sane option for president.

Dec 5 2016

It’s like the promise of good tasting fat free cheese. I bite into it with naïve hope and it just ends up leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Dec 5 2016

Look up the Wenatchee Child Sex Abuse case if you really want to see the paranoid ramblings of a single sheriff drag an entire town and generation screaming off the rails. It’s horrifying.

Dec 5 2016

The crazier it is the more they believe. Because actual evil and horror are, on the surface, boring and complicated. Like the Wells Fargo scandal or Aleppo or any other hideous occurrence that has a human fingerprint on it. Too much red tape! Too many hearings! Not enough punch and zip! Read more

Dec 5 2016

“Pizzagate” is a bizarre conspiracy theory. I heard a bit about it online a little while ago, so I Googled it. I ended up on this page detailing the “conspiracy” and it legitimately looked like the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic. I don’t mean that to be insulting - there seemed to be something truly wrong with Read more

Dec 1 2016

Related, I self-medicated with LSD over the last year. I suffered from severe depression and attempted suicide by overdosing on opiates this year. My depression is (was?) clinical. Read more

Dec 1 2016

If any of those where held for less than a year, and business was conducted through a US company, you still owe capital gains tax as a non resident alien. Read more

Nov 30 2016

I’ve never heard of it, so I had to google Buc-ees. I’m still not really very clear about it... Is it a restaurant? a store? both? I’m so intrigued, please tell me more!

Nov 29 2016

Waco also has the Dr Pepper museum. The local chamber of commerce will give you directions to it, but won’t do the same for the site of the Branch Davidian compound, as I found out on a very long, ill fated, road trip.

Nov 24 2016

This is false. When I visited the page yesterday the goal had not been met but this exact description was there. I’m kind of disappointed I would see this on Gizmodo, but than again, the credibility of its articles has been questionable lately. So meh.

Nov 24 2016

We need a recount regardless of the outcome. Faith in our electoral process is eroding on both the left and the right. A recount may be messy but in the long run it will put to bed all of the questions surrounding this election. Regardless of your political affiliation if you believe in democracy please donate to Read more