5/30/21 2:03PM

Yep. They just make the statement with no backup. Typical click-bait era news. Read more

5/20/21 1:43PM

This is precisely why we say all cops are bastards. These police murdered a man, lied about it, and they’re superiors did absolutely everything they could to cover it up.
Read more

4/28/21 1:55PM

Your comment is technically correct (the best kind of correct), but in this context it is based on a faulty premise. As far as I know, no automotive manufacturer is using truly water-based paints. What they use are waterborne paints. It is more precisely referred to as a suspension than a solution. The paint is not Read more

4/26/21 1:17PM

Think about it like this, most race cars are rebuilt so many times they aren’t all original to begin with. There’s a bit of Ship of Theseus happening with old race cars. They’re worth so much, that someone will fix them. Lastly, the damage doesn’t appear to be very extreme.

4/26/21 1:15PM

Not worried, there is a whole cottage industry that supports historic racing of all sorts, from all different formulas. Read more

4/16/21 2:06PM

Homeboy put a modern WILLIAMS on the podium at Azerbaijan, only a few tenths behind a mercedes, who passed him at the line. He also won several lower formula championships. Stroll might not be senna, but he deserves to be in f1. Every driver comes to f1 with backing money, its just usually a corporation and not Read more

4/16/21 1:51PM

Agree on your point about Stroll. Last year for sure he proved that he’s quite capable. I doubt he’ll ever be world champion, but he can certainly hang on his own merits at this point.

3/04/21 2:32PM

Jalopnik had an article some time back where they said that customers didn’t want colors and more. I guess if the “customer” is the dealership, that’s right. But they endless shades of meh available in modern cars keeps me out of the dealership. Mazda? Call me when I can get a 3 grand touring in BRG with tan leather Read more

3/01/21 8:38AM

I hope this gets us on the path to swappable batteries. Personally, I feel like shared battery packs are the future. Show up to a charging station just like you would a gas station, and a robot swaps your dead batteries for fully-charged batteries. Read more

2/19/21 2:31PM

Teslas sell well because, despite their flaws, they are better than the competition.

1/07/21 10:55AM

When is Honda going to give us a CRF450L Rally? That’s what I really want to know. I get that the price would be close to double the 300 version, but I don’t see it not selling. I want to pretend I’m Ricky Brabec on a bike with the lightweight chassis and full on suspension.

12/21/20 8:47PM

How can people be sofa king stupid that they can’t do without a holiday vacation or visit for one fucking year?

If World War II had happened with the selfish population of today that’s unwilling to lift a single goddamn finger for the greater good, we’d have had our asses kicked.

12/20/20 3:49PM

I know this article isn’t about Haas, but the more I hear and learn about his son, the more I can’t help but feel nothing good is going to come from Haas signing Mazpin. WTH is up with rich American guys getting owned by Russian Oligarchs? Have you no balls or self respect? ...Sorry Gene, but I’ve lost whatever respect Read more

12/07/20 7:18PM

And try building a 7 mile tunnel in the US for a cost that does not include the word “billion”. $160 million for this is ungodly cheap for this type of work. Denmark’s infrastructure is so, so good, and doubly so if you are on feet or a bike, and about 100X better than the US for pedestrians. But, you know, socialism.

11/27/20 3:38AM

the fossil fuel burn for electricity is also another great sign of american exceptionalism.
Most of the developped world have moved on from this decades ago.
it’s up to you to be better, but that doesn’t mean electric vehicles are bad. It’s your infrastructure that’s bad.
And pulling a random number out of your a.. hat! Read more