Aug 11

We talking away
Hulk not know what
Hulk to say Hulk say it anyway
Today another day to find you
Shying away
Hulk be coming for your love, okay?

Taaaaake on Huuuuulk (Take on Hulk)
Taaaaake Hulk oooooooon (Take on Hulk)
Huuuuulk beeeeeee gooooone
In a day or twwwoooooooo

Aug 7

No one called him an asshole, dude... taking a WILD guess at your gender here, because you’ve missed the point so broadly.

Aug 4

I kept reading “box set” as “sex bot,” which her character in Spaceballs was the opposite of (she actively prevented sex). Read more

Jul 17

I’m sorry you experienced that. My god, that shit is so upsetting. Tyra often seemed to cast herself as some kind of hero protecting the new young girls from the evils of modeling that she experienced. Yet she would proceed to do traumatic things like this.

Jun 29

I can now picture her hovering around other people in the restroom like Moaning Myrtle and trying to determine if they belong there.

Jun 25

I now think of that Always Sunny episode (which interestingly references this song’s use in that Michael J. Fox movie Secret of My Success instead of Ferris Bueller) whenever this song comes up. Pepe Silvia!

Jun 18

But then she clearly believed she could do whatever she wanted without any real consequences. I wonder what gave her that idea. Read more

Jun 18

burning a police car Murdering people is a “violent and despicable act that will be prosecuted in this District to the fullest extent of the law” and that perpetrators should be ready to “put your hands behind your back and head to federal prison.” If only they were so quick to prosecute murder as quickly. 

Jun 17

So why is there a picture from a dentist’s office if the article is about hospitals? The patient pictured isn’t even on Nitrous Oxide.

Jun 16

“Lady A” was a dumb name change. Why not scrap it altogether? This is like saying “I’m not ‘Mister Slaveryanymore! From now on, I’m ‘Mister S’!”

Jun 16

You left out the “I was not racist before you called me a racist, so now I can’t support you because you’ve made me a racist.”  

Jun 12

there were pillars at The Wing that they were to work and live by, called ‘the Isms.’ Read more