Jul 25

It looks like a monster from something else and I cannot for the life of me remember what

Jul 17

Yo if wearing all black is a reason to get arrested now I’ trouble.

Jul 16


Picture it, Los Angeles, 2006. I had just moved here literally the day before. I saw a listing in probably backstage or something about a model open call, so I go. It’s at the Crowne Plaza in West LA, where parking was like $50 a day or something, so I park at this lot across the street, thinking, Read more

Jun 25

If you go on Twitter right now you’ll find tons of talented black voice actors doing dead-on Missy impressions.  There’s never been a dearth of actors of color.  We just get ignored in favor of white actors.

Jun 22

lol my old boss gave me that book as a “gift” right before firing me for asking why my paychecks were always wrong.

Jun 16

I want to see Guillermo turned as bad as anybody but like... if you turn a vampire hunter into a vampire is just on suicide watch 24/7 now? Do you have to constantly babysit him so he doesn’t accidentally masterfully chuck a stake into his own heart? How does that even work?

Jun 14

I had never even heard of these places until I read this article.  Then I actually ended up walking past the West Hollywood location today (I think there’s a German word for when you first find out about something and then it doesn’t go away) and realized it’s what they bulldozed The Palms, one of the few lesbian bars Read more

Jun 9

Yup. Same shit happened to me at UCB. A white man whose show I directed asked me out, I said no, so he told UCB I was crazy and had them send the cops to my house. Told everyone at the theatre that I was crazy and threatened to kill him. Tried to ruin my career basically. And then when I told UCB what he was up to and Read more