Foxstar loves Bashcraft
5:16 PM

If I may try to perk your interest (or not):
Frostpunk at it’s core is more like a scenario-based set of (moral and mathematical) challenges for a manager perspective. Read more

4:13 PM

I still need to pick this up again. Grabbed it for the PS4 a few months ago and was just overwhelmed from the onset and set it back down. I’m not a huge city-builder type, but something about the premise and the style of Frostpunk made me want to get it. I wish it were a little less real time a la Civ 5.

12:49 PM

An ex-boss of mine is an Arab, he came to this country with nothing. He started by steam cleaning carpets for someone else, saved up and bought his own van and became his own boss. Now his company services most of LA County, he has 2 houses, a horse ranch, a boat, a Bentley, a girlfriend whose 20 years younger than Read more

2:29 PM

Bitch doesn’t know what the word racist means? Only in America do white people brag about their ignorance of basic shit
Read more

7:00 AM

They get brave once they’re in a crowd of like-minded though. Not just charlottesville, in modern times it goes back to the Nuremberg rally days. Of course, in the past before that we had slavery and jew pogroms and witch hunts and and and, so racism and bigotry has no ending when it comes to humanity.

2:08 AM

I can’t find the video now, but some stupid supremacist asshole got caught out in a riot, ripped his shirt off and tried to run away, but somebody with a camera caught up to him and started calling him out (but gently ya know) and the dude was about to fucking bawl out, saying he has just having fun and didn’t think

1:14 PM

“He copped to vandalizing vehicles in the parking lot as well as walls in the elevator and in the men’s bathroom. He told police he has been going through a “really rough time,” and has anger issues.” Read more

12:59 PM

Clearly, someone at id was inspired by another piece of 90s pop culture and decided to take off every zig. For great justice, of course.

12:44 PM

Sometimes the Navy gets knocked as easy duty. That is only because our Navy has been definitely unequaled and relatively unchallenged since World War II. The only potential peer was the Soviet Navy and their smarter commanders knew that in a shooting war, their ships would be lucky to survive. Read more

11:22 PM

I never thought any exec could out-Herb Spanfeller’s hair, but here we are.

3:02 PM

Denton was a man who was way more into the party culture and romantic discussions about “what Journalism really MEANS” over $30 whiskey pours than he ever was into running the fucking ship.

12:01 PM

Nah, he just didn’t have a another good core idea to build another season around. He refused to do Watchmen many times before accepting this time because now he had the idea of Will being Hooded Justice and everything that stems from that. Read more

11:34 AM

I’m grieving hard my friend, I do alot of conventions and that time in March I was free and ready to play my beloved FF7R. Now the day falls under a big con and I won’t be home. Read more

11:22 AM

And yet I will still consider the collector’s edition with a statue (which will be thoughtfully replaced with a play-doh replica of the Big Bad, so as to avoid “damage in transit”).