It’s become the new thing. I’ve read a Young adult novel recently - a romance set in Nazi Germany where the daughter of a man who was part of the Gestapo and very close to Hitler falls in love with a Jewish journalist trying to survive. Maybe, maybe it had some potential, but fucking hell, the author exploited the Read more

Only kind of related, but some of the most famous romance novels are absolutely horrifying. Judith McNaught, who is considered to be one of the best in the genre has many scenes in which the heroine gets raped by the ‘damaged’ hero and then forgives him for it. Read more

Oh for fucks sake. You’re not too old. It’s what Jay-Z calls himself some times - from his song (from the 90’s BTW) Hola Hovito - Hova coming from Jehovah. Rap bravado, kind of like how Kanye calls himself Yeezus. You just don’t know shit about rap
Read more

still do not know who he is. Blah white people bullshit. Read more

Ok. I’m extremely shallow and I know Elizabeth Olsen looks like she wants to die in those pics but. Tom Hiddleston looks very hot when he’s angry. I’m not even a huge fan. Read more

Maybe that’s why she killed herself? Read more

Mind = Blown.

Honey, that’s not how comedy works. If someone has to tell you it’s funny and not racist, the odds are it’s not funny at all. What are you going to do? Force a bunch of minorities to pretend like they find a bunch of white people laughing at their expense is OK and Funny? Read more

I seriously think this is rude but still funny Read more

Weird that the articles & comments about this are anti-Schumer in tone but the one nonchalant sentence about her racism in an article had a TON of white girls defending her. Jezebel is crazy. Read more

PLEASE save your fake outrage. Do you think her husband is going to anally rape her now? Or maybe they (like any normal people) will laugh about it. Common sense. Have it. Read more

Last year, the singer at my Uncle’s wedding got high and bonked out so I was blackmailed into doing the songs instead by the rest of the band, who used to be my classmates. Basically it was an unholy combination of Marge Simpson and Mindy Kaling doing “Moondance” by Van Morrison. The drummer couldn’t stop laughing and Read more

Pluto is not a planet.

are you joking? There is a difference between being a paid servant and being a slave. I don’t think a maidservant would appreciate you calling their honest work ‘slavery’. There is slavery in India, but working for a upper middle class family in India is not slavery. You’re a condescending jerk. Read more

“I think I’d seen a daytime documentary or something onOprah and I was like, ‘That’s what I’m going to do.’ Read more

I mean, I doubt she labeled the jar “Phalloplasty Fund”, but I don’t think it’s that improbable. The kind of sensationalist trans person talk shows that were being produced in the early 90s would have almost certainly included some talk about surgery/medical procedures and mention of their cost. If she watched a show Read more

It’s not that hard to understand. Read more

Well, I can’t guarantee that my first thoughts along those lines were at age 5 precisely, but I know I’ve been thinking about “being a boy” for as long as I remember, and I’ve known that you can transition for about as long as I can remember too? Read more

Please no. I would like her to return Lorde while she’s at it as well. Read more