Jun 4

I gotta say, while it’s nice to finally see these actions, it feels “too little too late”.
Like when the bully walks away and under their breath the bullee whispers “yeah you better walk away”.
It’s been FOUR FUCKING YEARS OF THIS! Took them long enough!

Apr 6

So one option requires me to believe that a career US navy officer violated the chain of command and (directly or indirectly) caused a potentially damaging leak to the media, for no good reason. The other option requires me to believe that he tried going through proper procedures first and was either rebuffed or did Read more

Apr 5

Sorry Crozier, but you gotta read the room.  If you’d committed some war crimes instead of doing right by your sailors, you’d be Secretary of Defense by now.  No one to blame but yourself.

Aug 7 2019

Didn’t his fourth of July parade completely defund DC’s counterterrorism operations somehow? Read more

Aug 2 2019

Ha. In 25 years, your kids will be putting chrome wheels on their cars and mocking their parents for their wheel choices. Read more

Aug 2 2019

There is a beautiful blue one that goes by my house, it has chrome wheels. I love it, the blue, the chrome. Its all beautiful.

Mar 28 2019

Your dad got a huge discount off MSRP for his truck in 2004. I know, because I saw a lot of window stickers on new trucks when I was shopping back in 2003. The online configurators go off of MSRP.

Read more

Feb 13 2019

I am sure he gives a shit what you think about it for sure.  I know I sure care if you think it’s a good Idea that I upgrade the turbo on my GTI or not.  Sometimes I cannot sleep at night wondering what others will think about my personal choices.

Feb 8 2019

I didn’t say I liked it either, but given the choice between this and a truck with two feet of lift, chrome flame decals, and a giant smoke stack exhaust coming up through the bed belching out thick black smoke, I’d rather see this driving around any day.

Feb 6 2019

Am I weird for being sad that I’ll never see this with my own two eyes?

Feb 6 2019

You learn to park in the back of the lot and walk.  Then you can take 2 spots.

Feb 5 2019

This particular watch and it’s issues should be a rallying cry to be smart and informed with infosec — not to avoid a class of products in a silly fear-driven boycott that will do little to nothing to protect the children’s privacy. Or are we under the mistaken impression that the phones we are buying them are somehow Read more