Feb 16

It sucks, but LastPass is worth the price. And, frankly, I much prefer them forcing everyone to pay for the product rather than choosing the Facebook approach of selling customer data. Read more

Feb 16

Well to late-stage American capitalism, get as much revenue as you can pay out as little as you can for costs. Read more

Feb 14

A bit off topic but are you the type of person that cuts lines in the grocery store and blames other people for being unwilling to wait just a few more minutes? Read more

Feb 12

Also, stores pay taxes, business license fees, buy insurance, provide parking, hire local workers, use local accountants, attorneys, HVAC service companies and maintenance crews. Brick and mortar stores are economic engines. Read more

Feb 11

You can say “well they provide a store, a convenience, some reason we would buy from them rather than from the source, scalpers don’t!” and, true, but how much is that store/convince/whatever worth? A 10% markup for providing a store so I don’t have to drive an hour to a farm seems like a fair amount, but would a 100% Read more

Feb 11

I was curious but couldn’t find good bulk rates, however it appears the PS5 costs $450 to make and Sony is selling them at a loss to get people into their eco system. Read more

Feb 10

Actually, Pedro Pascal said that he had already spoken to her about those transphobic tweets and tried to “educate” her on why the whole pronoun thing was important to the community, and generally it seemed like he was being far more gracious with her than she deserved. Read more

Feb 10

Just before we have some of the usual ‘Cancel culture gone mad!’ comments, no, she is not being ‘cancelled’, she is facing the consequences of using a public platform, the internet equivalent of shouting out in the middle of the street, to make questionable comments, and Disney would rather not have to deal with it. Read more

Feb 6

In a sane universe he never would have made it beyond the primaries in 2016

Feb 5

I’m with you on this one. I work in IT as well as a Sr. Systems Engineer and as such, being part of leadership, every emergency, catastrophe, all hands on deck vulnerability means I’m getting called in to coordinate / lead / tech. I’d love for 4 x 10 as opposed to 5 x 8. Especially considering 5 x 10 is more like a Read more

Feb 3

Always remember, Data caps are complete bullshit and dat cost ISPs absolutely nothing. Read more

Feb 2

I wish people would stop focusing on the fact that New York and the North East were getting data caps and make a bigger stink about how the rest of the country on Comcast has had those same data caps for the past about 2 years!!

Feb 1

Instead of BS excuses that are more transparent than my car windshield, wouldn’t it be refreshing if his office had said, “Valdez was being an asshat and we fired him for it.”?